Top 20 Strongest Anime Waifus Of All Time (Ranked) –

With anime’s popularity increasing, many people have started to wonder who the strongest of these characters is. We’re here with a list of 20 popular waifus and their ranking for you!

The “top 50 anime waifus” is a list of the top 20 strongest anime waifus of all time. The list is ranked by strength, so you can see which waifu ranks highest in terms of strength and other factors.

Top 20 Strongest Anime Waifus Of All Time (Ranked) –

Maybe it’s just me, but female characters in anime seem hit or miss for me.

Sometimes they’re just your average damsel in distress with a bio shorter than a coupon. And other times they’re extremely lovable & badass characters that carry the entire show.

We’re concentrating on that fierce bunch of girls in this list by looking at some of anime’s most strong waifus.

Please don’t burn me at the stake since this is only my opinion.


Mikasa Ackerman is number 20 on the list.

Mikasa Ackerman from Attack on Titan anime

Attack on Titan is a Japanese anime series.

Mikasa is the most menacing presence on screen, despite the fact that she is only an ordinary human in a world where Titans roam.

When Eren is in danger, she swoops in and executes the person or thing that is harming him.

And that came up quite a bit throughout the first three seasons.

Even the god-tier husbando Levi acknowledges Mikasa’s power! So although she lacks any superhuman abilities (unlike the rest of the ladies on this list), she is undoubtedly one of the coolest & strongest characters out there.


Megumin (19.)

Megumin KonoSuba anime screenshot

KonoSuba is a Japanese anime series.

Megumin doesn’t get to be a badass in KonoSuba since it’s a comedy.

However, if you think about it, she’d be really horrifying if the show’s PG rating was decreased.

Sure, she can only unleash one blast every day, but one explosion is powerful enough to wipe out an army. And in the KonoSuba universe, that’s quite an accomplishment.

The majority of the individuals we’ve seen so far in the program are either ordinary humans or have destructive abilities that are limited to the level of a structure. Then this little magical girl appears out of nowhere and begins destroying whole fortresses!

It’s possible that she won’t be at the top of this list (or even the top spot among all the KonoSuba waifus).

She does, however, deserve to be mentioned.


Nezuko Kamado, age 18

Nezuko Kamado in Demon Slayer anime

Demon Slayer is a Japanese anime series.

From the beginning of the series, Nezuko was a formidable opponent. She turned absurd after the Red-Light District arc.

Not only is her physical strength more prominent than ever, but her regeneration has also enhanced significantly.

In fact, she can currently regenerate complete limbs. Because that isn’t a problem.

And that’s not the end of the tale.

She may also utilize her abilities to both destroy demons and reverse status conditions such as poison.

She is, without a question, one of the most strong characters on the program at the moment. She’s clearly waifu material, since her fandom adores her more than life itself.


Morgiana is number seventeen.

Morgiana from Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic (anime)

Many of these female characters help to challenge gender preconceptions and standards. Morgiana, on the other hand, is possibly my favorite powerful female character in all of literature.

This is due to the fact that she not only kills practically every foe, but we also witness her dealing with the agony of real enslavement and then utilizing her shackles to strengthen herself.

She was already immensely powerful, kicking massive holes in the earth and tanking damage like a pro.

But, as she embraced her history, she gained the power to light her shackles on fire and utilize them to soar. As a result, she became even more dangerous.


  • Character arc: 10/10
  • 11/10 strength
  • Waifu material with a score of 100/10


Sakura Haruno is 16 years old.

Sakura Haruno Naruto: Shippuden anime screenshot

Naruto: Shippuden is a Japanese anime series.

I know we all love to make fun of Sakura whenever we have the opportunity, but let’s be serious for a moment.

If you’ve been following Boruto, you’ll know that she’s now on fire.

Sakura finally received the firepower to back up her claim after years of simply being a member of Team 7 on paper.

Sakura is much more strong than even Tsunade was in her peak, continuing the theme of berserker strength combined with healing powers.

She isn’t as strong as Naruto or Sasuke, to be sure. However, she still outranks the bulk of the other characters in her verse, making it a victory.


Neferpitou (number 15)

Neferpitou in Hunter x Hunter (2011) anime

Hunter x Hunter is a Japanese anime series (2011)

Before any of you manga readers point out that the original Pitou was androgynous, let me state that I am aware of this.

That isn’t going to stop me from raving over her courage and character.

Pitou is a scary creature.

She’s a genuine predator, capable of detecting you from miles away and leaping to your location in a matter of seconds. Once she’s arrived, you’ll need to decide which deity you’d want to pray to.

She’s lightning fast. She has such a deep link with Meruem that she would pursue you even after you have died. Again, it’s rather disturbing.

Nonetheless, it’s waifu stuff.

What can I say about anime brain?


Mereoleona Vermillion is the fourteenth flower of the Mereoleona genus.

Mereoleona Vermillion from Black Clover anime

Black Clover is a Japanese anime series.

Mereoleona has a strong auntie vibe, and I’m all with that.

She’s not only the most self-assured fighter in town, but she’ll also wipe the floor with anybody who tries to stand in her way.

Her fiery personality made her exceedingly difficult to take down, and she was like a sensei to Yami (a title she shares with the actual king of her kingdom).

She has amazing understanding of her surroundings and can hurl hundreds of fire punches at you before you ever know you’ve made a mistake.

Overall, she’s dubbed a lioness for a reason, and she’s by far the most strong character in the Black Clover world I’ve seen.


Yoruichi Shihoin (13), Yoruichi Shihoin (13), Yoru

Yoruichi Shihoin Bleach anime screenshot

Bleach is a Japanese anime series.

Yoruichi has a similar mood as Mereoleona, but with a little more strength behind it.

Yoruichi was a mentor to Ichigo, much as Mereoleona was to Yami. You know, the show’s primary character.

Yoruichi is represented by a cat, same as Mereoleona was by a lioness. She is, in fact, first presented as a cat. One of the finest fake-outs ever seen in anime.

Yoruichi, on the other hand, does not rely just on physical power; she also possesses incredible speed to back her up. It’s an incredible combination to be able to blast most of the characters in the series while still having enough firepower to hurt a crystalized Aizen.

Her argument is further aided by the fact that she is one of the most likeable characters to date (and one of the first strong female archetypes in anime).


12. Akame

Akame from Akame ga Kill! anime

Akame ga Kill! is a Japanese anime.

You’d think Esdeath, with her city-level ice assaults and everything, would be more appropriate of this location, but we have to recall how their battle for the ice queen went.

Furthermore, Akame has hax powers. And that will always trump sheer strength and combat skill.

About be more specific, I’m referring to her blade, which has a built-in one-shot mechanism.

Which is great when you’re also the world’s fastest person and can leave afterimages when time is practically frozen.

One cut equals one kill.

And that’s a lot of power for a single individual to wield.


Shalltear Bloodfallen (#11)

Shalltear Bloodfallen in Overlord anime

Overlord is a Japanese anime series.

I was going to use Albedo here, but because Shalltear is more powerful in one-on-one combat, we’ll have to make some adjustments. Merry Poppins, the vampire, is also pretty endearing.

There are few characters that can even hope to stand in the ring with Shalltear when it comes to fighting.

She has:

  • Sustainment built-in (making her durability near-infinite)
  • All of your assaults may be negated by time-warping powers.
  • There’s also enough firepower to annihilate whole armies.

In fact, if Ainz hadn’t metagamed the crap out of their battle, she could have soloed the universe’s most powerful character!

And if that isn’t a display of power, I’m not sure what is.


10. Tooru

Tooru from Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid anime

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid is an anime series created by Miss Kobayashi.

Tooru may seem to be your typical cute fool, yet she is very lethal and strong.

Her fire blasts are mostly to blame for this.

They have the capacity to alter the weather and might even wipe out a whole city if Tooru wanted to go all-out. But wait, there’s more!

She’s also wild in terms of physical strength and quickness. A dragon battle is nothing short of a show, as they swarm across the terrain, destroying half of it in the process of warming up.

She’s also incredibly tough!

Tooru became irritated after taking many magical strikes and swipes from an opponent dragon. That should give you an idea of how strong she is.


Shinobu Oshino (nine)

Shinobu Oshino in Monogatari series

Monogatari is a Japanese anime series.

We must remember where Shinobu came from, even if she has become that one adorable loli who periodically displays her might in our imaginations.

Shinobu was nearly godlike as a full-fledged vampire.

She had the ability to leap from Antarctica to Japan (almost destroying Antarctica in the process), and she could repair any harm that came her way.

If she so desired, she could unironically wipe out mankind as a whole.

And, if character statements are taken into consideration, she has the ability to ruin the whole globe.


8. Merlin

Merlin The Seven Deadly Sins anime screenshot

The Seven Deadly Sins (Anime)

Merlin is a badass in every way.

She had the courage to physically mock gods even when she was little. And it should give you a fair idea of her general attitude.

She’s now an immensely intelligent sorceress who knows every spell known to man and can perform them at whim. The fact that she possesses limitless mana just adds to the disparity she has with practically every other character in her realm.

We’ve seen her cast hundreds of spells without her opponents knowing, prodding at their defenses, and then unleashing an assault that is specifically designed to defeat them.

When it comes to fighting, she just has too many instruments at her disposal.

All of that power, along with the fact that she’s just stunning (and very adorable), earns her a place on this list and in Escanor’s heart.


Erza Scarlet is number seven on the list.

Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail anime

Fairy Tail is a Japanese animated television series.

Erza, in my opinion, is the series’ genuine protagonist.

She’s not only one of the most strong fighters in the whole show, but she also makes every scene better simply by being in it.

When all of your bones are shattered, most characters experience a flashback or cry to the heavens, hoping that someone would come to their rescue.

Erza, on the other hand, throws herself towards a meteor in order to destroy it with her one healthy arm.

And the lovely thing about Erza is that she’s much more than simply a force of nature. In fact, she has an outfit for just about every horrible circumstance you could imagine.


Tatsumaki, no. 6

Tatsumaki One Punch Man anime screenshot

One Punch Man is a Japanese anime series.

People forget Tatsumaki is completely shattered since she is on the same show as Saitama.

Is it necessary for me to point out that she dropped a meteor on an adversary without breaking a sweat?

That’s not even taking into consideration her ability to fly, defend herself, or even throw an adversary into the Sun. She has a plethora of choices!

In addition, she receives the standard tsundere bonus seen in every anime, which boosts her already ridiculous stats by up to 10%.

She may not be One Punch Man, but she is One Cast Woman, which I believe is as remarkable.


Ryko Matoi, No. 5

Ryūko Matoi from Kill la Kill anime

Kill la Kill is a Japanese anime series.

When it comes to in-universe mechanics, Ryuuko was designed from the start to succeed.

She’s practically immortal, and she wields the only weapon capable of defeating everyone else in the show. It sounds like you’ve been busted.

Despite this, she grew in strength as the program progressed. She swiftly progressed to slicing mountains and eventually a master’s degree as a country-destroying or even moon-destroying force of sheer fanservice.

Despite the jokes, she did travel to space in the last episode and blew a moon-sized hole in the Cocoon Genesis Sphere, demonstrating her improved speed and endurance.

So her placement this high up shouldn’t come as a surprise.


Rimuru Tempest is number four on the list.

Rimuru Tempest in That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

That Time I Was Reincarnated as a Slime in Anime

Rimuru may be androgynous and officially a guy (if we just consider their prior existence), but I consider them a waifu.

As a result, we’ve arrived to this point.

Rimuru’s throne can be taken by just a few (if any) individuals with hax powers.

From a supercomputer in their mind that can analyze any circumstance and advise them on the best course of action, to an ability that may kill you if you fear the caster, the caster has it all. It’s everything in one place.

Rimuru is on the verge of becoming a deity!

That’s not even taking into account their practically impenetrable resistance or the fact that they can indefinitely scale by just consuming powerful individuals.

Overall, Rimuru is akin to Mr. Beast in terms of strength, since just being their buddy grants you city-leveling power.


3. Android version 18

Android 18 Dragon Ball anime screenshot

Dragon Ball Z is a Japanese animated television series.

It’s impossible to compile a “strongest” list without include at least one Dragon Ball character.

And, although she may not be the most powerful being in her world, Android 18 is the only actual waifu in the show (at least in the anime).

She also made a cameo in Dragon Ball Super, indicating that she is capable of destroying planets at the very least.

Not to mention the fact that she travels at a fraction of the speed of light and is as tough as a Nokia tank.

And, as if that wasn’t enough, the author tossed in a Destructo Disc for good measure. You know, the capacity to chop foes in two, even if they are far stronger and more durable than you? The capacity to shave a man who was tougher than a planet?

That’s the one.


Two zeroes

Zero Two in Darling in the Franxx anime

Darling in the Franxx (anime)

Despite the fact that Android 18 may destroy a planet, Zero Two is capable of fighting whole cosmic battles on her alone.

So I believe it’s reasonable to infer she outscales her by a little margin.

Okay, she does need the assistance of her Darling in order to make a significant difference. However, for these sorts of lists, it should be a given.

Plus, for almost two years, she was the most popular and well-liked waifu.

And if you’re globally liked while simultaneously having the ability to direct your own Star Wars picture, you already know I have to treat you special.


Haruhi Suzumiya is a manga series written by Haruhi Suzumiya.

Haruhi Suzumiya from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Haruhi Suzumiya’s Melancholy (Anime)

Haruhi takes the top place on our list.

She may seem to be an ordinary high school student, but she is really an almighty deity (which is kind of the ceiling when it comes to power).

Plus, by the late 2000s, she was almost a deity in our universe, which meant that her influence surpassed even her own program.

It also implies that for a long time, she was the textbook definition of a waifu.

Overall, the flow looks to be solid, beginning with a Titan-killer and ending with a genuine deity. And I don’t think anybody would argue with me if I claim Haruhi is the most strong waifu in anime.

The “best waifu 2021” is a list of the top 20 strongest anime waifus of all time. The rankings are based on the character’s strength, popularity, and overall contribution to their respective series.

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