How to play as Zofia in Rainbow Six Extraction — Skills and abilities

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To play as Zofia in Rainbow Six, you will need to perform a number of skills and abilities. These include:
– Using her unique hack ability to disable the enemies’ gadgets
– Smashing through doors using R6’s Thermite Charge
– Throwing down Grinder traps
– Disabling cameras with Tango Down

Zofia is a playable character in Rainbow Six: Siege. Zofia has the ability to see the enemy through walls with her thermal vision and can throw grenades that explode on impact.

How to play as Zofia in Rainbow Six Extraction — Skills and abilities

Zofia is the 19th Operator in Rainbow Six Extraction, and she enters the ranks as part of the game’s first post-launch DLC. Zofia from Rainbow Six Siege will be known to fans of the series, while newbies may be surprised to learn that she is Ela’s elder sister. Zofia can undoubtedly pack a punch in close-quarters battle, with a KS79 Lifeline double-barrelled launcher that launches impact and stun grenades, and is similar in style to Nomad when it comes to clearing a route.

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Zofia’s Best Weapons

You just have to pick a preference for Zofia’s main loadout space since she only has access to one backup weapon, the decent but unspectacular RG15 semi-automatic pistol. In fairness, her beginning LMG-E is likely the best in the game, with great damage, tight recoil, and 150 rounds in a single clip, ensuring you won’t have to reload very frequently – with the optional 2.5x scope, it can be used for medium to long-range combat.

At Level 3, you may upgrade to the M762 assault rifle, which is a bit more powerful, but the recoil is a little more difficult to handle, so you might not obtain the same hit rate. The Scorpion Evo 3 A1 is unlocked at Level 6, and although it’s a bit of a’spray and pray’ weapon, the fast firing rate may be useful up close. Finally, when Zofia achieves Level 9, she may get the FO-12 combat shotgun. It’s not as powerful as some of the other shotguns in the game, but a rapid reload makes up for it, but we still prefer the original LMG-E.

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The KS79 Lifeline ability of Zofia and how to activate it

The KS79 Lifeline from Zofia may be used in a variety of offensive and defensive scenarios. The impact and stun grenades behave similarly to the throwable versions, with two of each accessible at first (and replaceable on the fly like Capitao’s crossbow bolts). At Level 2, this is swiftly expanded to three, with a fully charged Zofia capable of recharging one round of each kind every two minutes.

Utilizing Zofia’s Lifeline isn’t as subtle as using Nomad’s Airjab launcher, albeit the stun grenades will at least go unseen. The main advantage is that you may impact numerous foes within a three-meter radius, whether you’re on the offensive or on defense. It’s an excellent technique to put a halt to an oncoming mob in any circumstance, allowing you time to reload your main weapon or make a fast escape to safety.

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What is the best way to utilize Zofia’s Withstanding ability?

The Withstanding ability is an additional feature of Zofia’s armory. When you’re placed down, this operates similarly to a Revive Kit, providing a single-use recovery. Best of all, it’s an active ability that doesn’t count as an inventory item; while you’re DBNO, it merely appears as an on-screen button prompt. It’s a touch slower than a conventional revive, but it’s effectively a free additional life that also allows you to employ a different gear item where a Revive Kit would have previously served as a safety net. The ability only restores 5% of your health at first, but after you reach Level 7, it increases to 70 health points, which is a pleasant boost.

With Resilient Revival – the ability to resurrect oneself after being knocked out if you acquire enough kills, as shared by Finka, Smoke, and Capitao — and a significantly higher resilience to blinding effects, Zofia is more than capable of holding her own in a well-oiled team. We can see her being a popular all-around pick across most mission types, with the KS79 keeping foes at bay and the LMG-E laying devastation to them.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use Zofia?

A: To use Zofia, please hold down the left trigger and move your head in a continuous motion.

What weapon should I use for Zofia?

A: You should use the weapons that are best suited for your skill level and personal preferences.

Is Zofia pregnant?

A: Yes, Zofia is pregnant.

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