Overwatch 2 Ana guide – Tips, Strategies, Counters and more

Ana is one of the newest additions to Overwatch and players have been working tirelessly on mastering her abilities. This guide will give you tips, counters and strategies for playing with Ana in any game mode.

The “overwatch guide 2022” is a detailed guide on how to play as Ana. It includes tips, strategies and counters for each hero in the game.

Overwatch 2 Ana guide - Tips, Strategies, Counters and more

With the introduction of Overwatch 2, a few new passives and playstyles for our favorite heroes have been available. The various roles have been tweaked to fit certain features of the game, and your heroes will be able to heal themselves passively if you choose the Support class. While this has little effect on heroes like Mercy or Lucio, it has a significant impact on characters like Ana.

Ana’s Complete Set of Skills

All of Ana’s skills can be found in Overwatch 2:

  • Rifle Biotic (Primary and Secondary Fire)
    • Primary fire is a projectile-based hipshot that heals 75 and damages 70 when it hits a friendly player.
    • Ana’s rounds become a hitscan with a bigger hitbox area when she uses secondary fire, which allows her to scope in.
  • Passive
    • Support is my role. Ana, being a support class, will heal herself if she does not take any damage.
  • Biotic Grenade is a biotic grenade that may be used (E)
    • Ana tosses a projectile-based grenade that detonates when it collides with terrain or another Hero, friend or foe. The grenade will restore teammates with 100 HP instantly and increase healing from any other health source by 50% for 4 seconds. If an opponent is struck by the grenade, they will suffer 60 damage and will be unable to heal for 4 seconds. Once utilized, there is a 10-second cooldown.
  • Dart to Sleep (Left Shift)
    • Ana’s last hope of escaping is to use a Sleep Dart. This dart will put the Hero struck by it to sleep for 5.5 seconds, and it may be deflected or absorbed by protective skills. If the sleeping player is hit by harm, he will wake up instantly. The cooldown timer is set to 15 seconds.
  • Nano-Support (Ultimate)
    • Ana’s ultimate is a concentrated burst of nano energy that boosts the confidence of her selected ally. Over the course of eight seconds, Nano boost heals the targeted target for 300 HP, increases their damage output by 50%, and decreases incoming damage by 50%.

How do you play Ana?

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Ana is all about skill shots and getting the most out of your cooldowns. Ana must be handled with caution due to her limited mobility and inability to seize the high ground like other characters like Mercy or Baptiste can. To prevent the attacker from finding you, try to shift your places with her as much as possible.

Ana’s healing depends on line of sight, which means you must be able to see your teammates as well. Playing corners and peeking to heal while reloading and rotating is a good approach. You may now heal as well; you can play more aggressively, but keep in mind that without mobility, you’ll be easy prey.

Keep in mind that your Biotic Grenade is your most potent offensive ability, and that utilizing it to draw your squad into battles is a wonderful way to get value. Similarly, your Sleep Dart may be employed both offensively and defensively, protecting you from troublesome flankers or countering a Widowmaker scoping in and oblivious of your presence.

It’s a pleasure to play with good teammates. Ana

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When Ana is set up, Brigitte can defend her from flankers while also providing a lot of healing and damage. Reinhardt is a strong tank for Ana because of his shield, which may aid her movement, and his huge damage output after Nano Boost is applied. Nano Blade is a deadly game-changing combo, and the flanker can quickly bounce back to help his Ana, hence Genji and Ana have always been utilized together. These are just a few examples, but heroes that can divert attention away from Ana while while doing tremendous damage with her Ultimate are excellent possibilities.

All of the countermeasures, as well as who to counter with Ana

When you’re playing with Ana, keep an eye out for any flanker characters. If you’re left behind your squad and have used all your cooldowns, Tracer and Genji may easily kill you. As an Ana, Winston is another tough counter, and you’ll have to keep an eye out for him as he dives. If you’re caught off guard, Moira and Lucio players may be a problem.

Ana’s ability to anti-heal heroes makes her a formidable opponent for players like Roadhog, who depend on their self-healing to get out of a battle. Ana may also be used as a sniper with hitscan when scoped in, allowing her to take down a single Echo or Pharah from afar. Her Biotic Grenade may also be used to soft-counter the majority of healing abilities in the game.

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Ana is a challenging hero to learn, and if you want to utilize her successfully in games, you’ll need to practice on your cooldown management and placement on a regular basis. There’s a lot more to our beloved granny now that she can slowly restore her health outside of battle.

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