6 Tips to Improve Your Gaming Experience


Video gaming has evolved from being just a leisure activity to being a hobby and in some cases, a career.

Regardless of whether you’re simply a gamer or an e-sport participant, improving your gaming can go a long way in terms of skills and fun.

Here are six tips that will help you take your gaming experience to the next level from choosing the right setup to how to remain healthy during those long gaming sessions.

Optimize Your Gaming Setup

There is nothing better than creating a perfect gaming environment for both, the outcomes and the players. The first step towards achieving a good gaming environment is to organize your gaming space in a way that will not distract you. Place your monitor at eye level to minimize the stress on the neck and make sure your chair is comfortable for your back. A clean desk keeps one focused and is also an advantage since important items can easily be accessed.

Lighting also forms a very important aspect in the experience of the game as a whole. It is advisable to dim the light as much as possible so that it does not reflect on the screen and if possible, go for RGB lighting to give your setup a little flavor. Besides improving the lighting conditions, good lighting also contributes to the beauty of your gaming area.

Upgrade Your Hardware

This is the kind of upgrade that will significantly enhance your gaming experience. For example, a high-refresh-rate monitor can deliver less motion blur and enable smooth graphics to give you an edge in fast games. Combining this with a good graphics card guarantees that your games will run smoothly at higher settings, thereby making the games more enjoyable.

Do not forget about the processor and the amount of RAM installed in the device. All of these components are integrated to deal with complicated game controls and management of multiple tasks. Another way that can also help to reduce the loading time is to replace the traditional hard disk drive (HDD) with a solid-state drive (SSD) that can let you quickly and easily dive into your games.

Enhance Your Internet Connection

Stability and speed of the internet connection are the key factors that influence the quality of online games. Lag and high ping can literally ruin even the best of plans that have been set out in the game. To improve your connection, it is better to use a wired Ethernet connection rather than a wireless connection. Ethernet offers a less interrupted, faster connection, thus offering low latency and better game performance.


Another area where a good quality router can make a lot of difference is if you are able to buy a router that is specifically made for gaming. Such routers usually have settings such as Quality of Service (QoS) that can be used to give preferential treatment to gaming traffic as opposed to other traffic. Also, using a VPN for gaming will enable you avoid throttling by your ISP and connect to servers in other regions which means a better gaming experience.

Use Quality Accessories

A good accessory can help make gaming more comfortable and accurate. A high quality gaming mouse with the adjustable DPI is preferred because the higher the DPI the more accurate the mouse is and this is very important in fast games. In the same way, mechanical keyboard offers better tactile feedback and quicker response than membrane keyboards.

Another important peripheral that gamers cannot do without is the headset. Having a good quality headset with surround sound is also very useful in the game as it enables you to ‘feel’ the atmosphere of the game and it is also very helpful in hearing the footsteps of the enemies or any other important sound that may be necessary in the game. Comfort is also a factor which should also be considered when choosing a headset, it should have soft ear pads and an adjustable headband so that you do not feel the discomfort of wearing the headset after hours of gaming.

Stay Healthy and Comfortable

Gaming for a long time can have an effect on the body, so it is necessary to have good health and comfortable conditions. First, make sure that your gaming chair is properly ergonomically designed and will not contribute to poor posture. Choose chairs with the settings that allow the backrest to conform to the curvature of your spine. It is also important to take a break every now and then to avoid straining the muscles and getting fatigued.


Two aspects which are usually not given much attention are very crucial in ensuring that one is alert throughout the day; these are intake of water and balanced diet. It is recommended to have a bottle of water with you and to drink from it frequently. Instead of eating candies or chocolates, which give a quick energy boost followed by a crash, nuts or fruits are good snacks.

Customize Game Settings

Adjusting the settings of the game can actually improve not only the speed but also the graphics of the game. Lower the graphics settings to compromise on performance and graphics quality. Some of the settings that can be reduced include the shadows and the textures; these are important aspects that can be reduced in order to increase the frame rates of the game without much compromise on the quality of the game.

Audio settings are equally important as well. Reducing the volume of all the other sounds in the game can assist in hearing other crucial sounds during the gameplay. Controls are also usually customizable in many games. Spend the time to lay out controls in a manner that is comfortable to you, which should help your response times and general playability.

Enhancing your gaming experience requires one to change their environment, upgrade their hardware, improve their internet connection, use quality accessories, eat healthy, and adjust the game settings. These are important tips that have significant roles to play in order to help you get the best out of your gaming time. Through these strategies, you will be able to get closer to the goal of having a better, more fun, and challenging gaming experience.