Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown is the first game in a new series of games, each one based on an older Virtua Fighter title. This iteration features classic characters with modern updated graphics and gameplay systems while staying true to the original titles roots.

The “virtua fighter 5 ultimate showdown ps4 price” is a game that was released in 2012. It has received positive reviews from critics and players alike.

Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown (PS4)

Sega has published a teaser trailer for Virtua Fighter x eSports. People were unsure whether this would be a new game or if they would just be adding competitive online options to the previous one. In any case, the move indicated that they wanted a piece of the esports pie, and Virtua Fighter, despite its lack of updates, was their best chance of doing so. Fast forward a few weeks, and Sega startled fighting game enthusiasts by bringing Virtua Fighter back to life after almost 9 years in the dead. While it is the most recent version of the fifth VF game, it isn’t truly an upgrade. Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown is clearly designed to enter the esports arena with nothing more than a fresh coat of paint.

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Ultimate Showdown is a light-hearted spin-off of Final Showdown. Only a few modes are available, including Arcade, Offline Versus, Training, and Online (which is supposedly the meat of this edition), Given that Virtua Fighter never actually had a Story Mode, this release is reasonable, despite it seems a little barren to the uninitiated. Final Showdown had bragged of having one of the most extensive customization possibilities for fighting games at the time, but Ultimate’s customization is restricted to DLC purchases and offers nothing in the way of customizing ingenuity. The few components that composed it are somewhat generic, overlapping, and not really attractive. However, because Ultimate Showdown is a free download (for PS Plus subscribers), it’s a case of “we’ll take what we can get.”

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The gameplay is the game’s major attraction. If you’ve ever played Dead or Alive, you’ll see that the button scheme is similar but simpler: there are only three basic buttons – punch, kick, and guard – and the rest may be set to any combination of the three. Virtua Fighter’s combo system is more Tekken-like than DoA’s, which is more counter-hold and grab-centric. (A more exact comparison would be Soul Calibur, although Tekken has more overlaps.) It has obvious combo openers, combination fillers, unique extenders that produce ground bounce or crumples, and enders, all of which may launch, stun, or crumple. The game places a greater emphasis on pressure and opening up your foes, rather than on combination creation (though there is still opportunity for flashiness) (like Street Fighter). The game still has a diverse lineup, each with their own set of technical peculiarities.

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While the game’s fundamentals are still good, it would seem old if there were no meaningful system improvements or balancing tweaks. While many fighting game enthusiasts hail it as a welcome change of pace from Tekken, the game’s major selling point is the nostalgia of playing 3D football games, as well as the IP itself. I’m not implying that Virtua Fighter can’t compete with Tekken. In reality, Virtua Fighter included boundaries and screws in its juggling system long before Tekken. It merely needed some fine tuning for consistency, but we didn’t get it in Ultimate Showdown.


The game received a fantastic HD remake in terms of looks. The user interface has been modified. The textures of the models have been updated. Even the stages were given a facelift. If only more personalization elements could be transferred from the original game, we’d be able to enjoy it much more. If there is any further DLC, it will most likely have to wait.


The main topic of debate, though, will have to be its online capabilities, since this is why Virtua Fighter was brought back in the first place. And let me tell you, it’s a bit of a headache. The player lobbies are disorganized, and for the first week, you couldn’t even search by room ID. The main issue is that it will lack rollback netcode, which is an important eSports component that the fighting game community relies on. Given that the gameplay does not necessitate super-tight inputs like other popular fighting games, some popular streamers have claimed that the netcode is fine as is, but given that the game has the potential to be a lot more technical, rollback netcode should have been the norm, especially given the game’s overwhelmingly positive response during the Guilty Gear Strive betas.

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Fans can only be glad that this series was ever touched in the first place, given that this is a free release. However, Sega has stated that the success of Ultimate Showdown will determine whether or not a Virtua Fighter sequel will be made, which seems unfair and almost scummy given that this port is at best mediocre, especially since it was released a few weeks before the much-anticipated Guilty Gear Strive. It’s almost as if they want Virtua Fighter to die a public death by proving the game’s lack of success in the face of a bigger, more important title. But, because we don’t know what their “success” criteria are, we can only hope that they see that interest in the brand is still strong and that continuing with the classic series would be beneficial to them. Nobody wants to see another iconic fighting game brand go the way of Capcom.

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On a scale of 1 to 10, this release merits no higher than a 6 or a 7. If you’re a combo addict, you’ll only be able to enjoy the game on its own. Otherwise, you’d have to sift through the lobbies for a match that won’t disconnect on you in the middle of the game.

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Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown is a fighting game developed by Virtua Fighter (PS4)

DA Good

Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown is a fighting game developed by Virtua Fighter (PS4)

It was available for free on PS Plus.

DA Bad

It was designed for the internet, yet the web systems itself are depressing.

It was designed for the internet, yet the web systems itself are depressing.

It was designed for the internet, yet the web systems itself are depressing.

The “virtua fighter 5 ultimate showdown ps4 gameplay” is a game that was released on the PlayStation 4. It has been in development since the early 2000s. The game features a new roster of fighters and includes online multiplayer, as well as single player modes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown free?

A: Yes, it is free regardless of what you download.

Is Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown a two player game?

A: Yes, it is a two player game.

How much is Virtua ultimate 5 showdown?

A: Virtua ultimate 5 showdown is $39.99

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