Dying Light 2 Update 1.3.0 Released with New Game Plus Mode

The newest update for Dying Light 2 has updated the game with an all new way of playing. Players can now even go back and do a run from level 1, or start over at any time in New Game Plus mode to experience a fresh story each time they play.

The “dying light 2 new game plus” is a feature that was released with the update 1.3.0 of the game. The mode allows players to replay their games from the beginning, but with all the weapons and skills they unlocked in their first playthrough.

Dying Light 2 Update 1.3.0 Released with New Game Plus Mode

Dying-Light-2-Will-Take-500-Hours-to-Fully-CompleteImage courtesy of Techland

Dying Light 2: Update 1.3.0 has been published by Techland for their post-apocalyptic survival horror game. In addition to the usual long list of bug patches, the latest patch brings the zombie romp a much-anticipated New Game+ option, which includes a number of modifications that “substantially modify” the game’s gameplay. There are 30 novel inhibitors have been discovered. for raising Aiden’s stats, a new legendary weapon tier, and opponent difficulty that increases with player level for those wanting an even greater challenge.


UPDATE 1.3.0 IS NOW AVAILABLE! (Stay Human in Dying Light 2)

New Game+

  • After completing the game once, it may be played again, but with different game settings in place to promote a second playing via the use of a new system and experience. The player may now go through the tale via new means. These include new opponent behaviors, more challenging confrontations, new environment items, such as the recently introduced inhibitors, and a slew of other modifications that will drastically alter the gameplay style and enable the player to further develop their character. All of this is exclusive to New Game+!
    • 30 novel inhibitors have been discovered.
    • Parkour tasks now have new platinum targets.
    • The enemy distribution has been updated (f.e. Volatiles and Banshee spawn during the night, a wider variety of enemy pools in encounters)
    • A new legendary weapon tier has been introduced to the game.
    • Gold encounters have been introduced.
    • The difficulty of enemies scales with the player’s level.

Updates on the Co-op

  • In co-op, difficulties with connectivity and stability have been resolved.
    • Connection concerns with players who are farther along in the tale have been resolved.
    • Improved co-op game performance
  • Blocks for co-op stories
    • After a co-op session, an issue that prevented halted advancement in a single player game mode was fixed.
    • In co-op, a couple death loops were fixed.
    • In a co-op session, we fixed an issue with a missing NPC during the Missing People quest.
  • Quality co-op
    • Weapon depiction in the online menu and inventory has been improved.
    • In co-op, better management of challenge needs
    • While players are still in the bandit camp, random bandit respawns have been fixed.
    • After dying multiple times in co-op, the player was no longer able to access their inventory or map.
    • Fixed the “enemy nearby” message that was preventing the tale from progressing.
    • Fixed a rare bug where a revived player couldn’t move.
    • Fixes for far distant peer respawn from the host, as well as geometry respawn.
    • In certain circumstances, AI jitter was fixed.
    • Various animations in co-op have been improved, including crouching, throwing, using the bow, and more.
    • In co-op, sound duplication was fixed.
    • There were a few instances when mission radio dialog was unresponsive in co-op, producing plot blockages.
    • After a co-op party, the map’s display of inaccurate icons was fixed.
    • When a player is called during a co-op gather, “call for aid” is now fixed.
    • Fixed dark displays that might have caused advancement blockages during co-op progression in certain cases.
    • In a co-op session, a text-glitch in the description of a task caused an unnecessary “skill need.”
    • During co-op sessions, instructional windows have been updated to last 30 seconds.
    • A issue that allowed players to have several narrative missions running has been fixed.

Updated content

  • Mutated Infected – A new mission has been introduced to the game. Something Significant Has Arrived, which contained unique elemental Goon variations.

Updates to the Gameplay

  • Bow-wielding enemies are less irritating since their damage output is lower.
  • Upon completion, completed accomplishments are appropriately granted. This also applies to accomplishments that were earned prior to the upgrade.
  • A bug was fixed that made Howlers and Screamers invulnerable to damage.
  • After completing multiple tasks, the ability to quickly move across map areas was fixed.
  • Human encounters now have a random AI bug fixed.
  • Infected invulnerability to arrows has been fixed.
  • After Bandit encounters, prizes were missing.
  • In GRE facilities, the Virals patrol movement was fixed.
  • Hook for grappling. Longer swings will reset the vertical pull values; pulls will have a larger initial value as a result of the tweaked pull constraints.

Updates on the quest

  • During the Let’s Waltz mission, a wall-clipping glitch was fixed.
  • In the Markers of Plague quest, an issue that caused the player to get stuck after utilizing an inhibitor or entering their inventory after collecting an inhibitor was fixed.
  • In the mission The Only Way Out, a map display problem was fixed.
  • After playing in co-op, Hakon disappeared from the Into The Darkness mission.
  • Sophie’s unreachable location in The Raid quest has been fixed.

Updates to the User Interface and User Experience (UI/UX)

  • On PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, a FOV slider has been included.
  • UI texture optimization has been improved.
  • Issues with toggling between keyboard and gamepad have been resolved.
  • In the Markers of Plague quest, an inhibitor pop-up message was fixed.
  • The quest display in the diary has been fixed.
  • The presentation of the instructional window has been corrected.
  • On the ASUS ROG Zephyrus Duo second display, you can see weapon durability, follow quests, and manage your inventory.
  • In the main menu, Aiden should no longer T-pose.
  • Crash fixes for the game’s start at 5760×1080 resolution.
  • On the Immunity Bar, the presentation of erroneous numbers has been corrected.
  • PC keybindings have been tweaked somewhat.

Updates on Technology

  • Game stability has been improved.
  • Several crash sources have been addressed.
  • Frame rate stability has been improved in a number of locations around the map.
  • Multiple problems that enabled players to view and fall outside of the map texture have been fixed.
  • There were a few texture problems here and there on the map, but they’ve all been fixed now.
  • Various audio issues were fixed.

According to Techland, the current version for Dying Light 2 contains several extra problem fixes and quality enhancements that aren’t featured in the official patch notes. The company has dubbed Update 1.3.0 as one of the game’s largest updates ever, which is astounding considering Dying Light 2’s day-one update allegedly includes over 1,000 improvements.

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