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The Ultimate Ranking is a list of the most popular games played on Twitch, ranked by concurrent viewers. The ranking includes both new and old titles to provide an unbiased snapshot of what gamers are playing today (March 2018).

The “smash ultimate player rankings 2021” is a ranking of the top players in smash ultimate. The list includes information on how many tournaments they have won, their highest rank, and other statistics.

The Ultimate Ranking –

Gintama is one of the few anime series that can compete with Gintama in terms of female character writing.

This is mostly due to the fact that this show seems unconcerned with most female tropes and just goes insane with its design and history.

We’ll be looking at some of my favorite females from the series for this ranking, and honoring them with the famous waifu title!


5. Yagyuu Kyuubei

Kyuubei Yagyuu in Gintama anime

Trap characters aren’t exactly uncommon in anime.

Despite the fact that it’s generally a female man… However, Kyuubei does not fit within this group.

She embraces all her masculine and feminine aspects as a character, and all she wants to do is defend people she loves about.

This alone sets her apart from the crowd.

But the fact that she’s also a badass simply adds to my admiration and respect for her.

From a design standpoint, I also have to mention how much I like her eye-patch, and how it will periodically shift to match the scenario better.

Sure, Kyuubei despises being touched and prefers to maintain her distance.

However, this works in her advantage since there are several instances of her screaming out and throwing any male who was unfortunate enough to grip her shoulder across the room.

She’s a stern figure in general, which makes her tender side all the more endearing when she does exhibit it.

And her determination to defy gender stereotypes is something that many writers could learn from.


4. Kagura

Kagura Gintama anime screenshot

It’s tough not to adore Kagura since she’s the primary character in the series.

Personally, I like her candor.

Seriously, this girl would sooner die than pretend to be someone she isn’t. Throughout the series, she basically does her own thing.

Whether it’s eating enough food to feed half the globe, cursing like a typical League of Legends player, or barfing, it’s fair to say that the program doesn’t give a damn whether you find Kagura beautiful or not.

And yet, it’s just this trait that makes her so endearing!

Not to add that Gintama’s humor would be incomplete without this loud-mouth brat yelling insults at everyone.

Finally, I wasn’t planning on writing anything in terms of design since I don’t know how alien age works. However, following the time-skip episode, I can certainly declare that she is also stunning.

On every level, this thing is a beast.


Nobume Imai, Nobume Imai, Nobume Imai, No

Nobume Imai from Gintama anime

Straight up, Nobume’s past smacks me like a ton of bricks in the gut.

Seeing her overcome her trauma and grow into the lovely waifu we know today has been an incredible experience.

She’s gone a long way from being a cold-blooded assassin to a warm-blooded guardian!

I mean, she still uses the classic murdering approach, but it’s largely for humor now, rather than sadness.

Her kuudere vibe also works wonderfully for the program, as her deadpan look combined with innocent remarks and a drawn sword never fails to amuse.

In fact, everything that comes from the Sadism Sisterhood is certain to be gold!

Even with her expression seldom changing, she’s one of the greatest in terms of design. And I’d be lying if I claimed her captain outfit didn’t make her appear like a total badass.


2. Tama

Tama Gintama anime screenshot

Tama might be a machine. But gosh, she makes every scene she’s in come to life!

She’s like the all-powerful goddess of gaming, slinging Dragon Quest allusions like there’s no tomorrow, going full pixel to grab you by the memories, and generally being the pinnacle of crazy energy.

When it comes to her anger, I’d say she’s more on the kuudere side. Which, if you haven’t noticed, is a huge plus in my book.

However, she may get pushy quickly, knocking on your door like the Kool Aid guy and lecturing you on how to sit properly.

You also have to appreciate how many jokes the fact that her head falls off lends itself to.

It seems to be a rather specialized arrangement. Despite this, the writing crew never fails to utilize it!

In fact, I believe Tama is a comic godsend because she allows for the most ridiculous gags imaginable.

I find it difficult not to adore her in terms of design and personality.

I’m not sure she’s ever irritated me in the slightest. And, so to be clear, her maker understood exactly what they were doing.


Tsukuyo (Tsukuyo) is a Japanese word that means

Tsukuyo in Gintama anime

This will most likely come as no surprise to anybody, since I’ve seen nothing but affection for this character in the community.

And I believe it’s because she combines all of the other characters’ characteristics into one.

She, like Kyuubei, is unconcerned with gender norms, and has even scarred her face to remove herself of her femininity.

There’s a lot of alpha energy here, with a few wonderful moments of emotional vulnerability thrown in for good measure.

She, like Kagura, does and says whatever she wants, often becoming drunk out of her mind and wreaking havoc with her army of ninjas.

On a related note:

She’s vicious, much like Nobume, and will stab you in the skull on a regular basis.

Finally, much like Tama, her one-of-a-kind scenario (her being a ninja) lends itself to a plethora of hilarious jokes and bizarre situations.

See? I told you she has all of the Exodia waifu’s components!

Her friendship with Gintoki is the show’s most wholesome and humorous dynamic at the same time.

Tsukuyo is one of the most intriguing characters in anime, and she is unquestionably Gintama’s top waifu.

The “smash ultimate rankings” is a ranking system that has been created by the community. It ranks players across various fighting games, including Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

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