The Flamer Long Barrel Glitch Explained [Flamer is Actually Bugged in the Players Favor]

The Flamer Long Barrel Glitch is a glitch that prevents players from being killed by the flamethrower weapons. This bug makes it so the player has almost infinite ammo and their opponent doesn’t have much of a chance in winning matches against them. The problem with this long barrel glitch is that some games feature weapon balance which can be thrown off due to this inconsistency, leading to people exploiting an unfair advantage over others.?

The “fallout 76 flamer long barrel bug” is a glitch in the game where the flamer’s range is much longer than expected. This glitch was fixed by Bethesda, but it still remains in the game today.

The Flamer Long Barrel Glitch Explained [Flamer is Actually Bugged in the Players Favor]

This is in reaction to TYR’s new video, which you can see here. 6szwCOJMc9k - The Flamer Long Barrel Glitch Explained [Flamer is Actually Bugged in the Players Favor]

Alternatively, you may read my summary of what he says here.

TLDR: I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the flamer has been tampered with in the players’ favor. We may still pick long, medium, or short range with the short barrel, depending on the damage tradeoff you’re ready to take. Tyr’s flaw would simply result in the patching of the maximum damage and maximum range flamer exploits.

So, for those who haven’t seen the video, let’s start by outlining TRY’s case. Projectile overrides are used by the flamer to define the size of the flame that is produced when the weapon is discharged. You can have both the maximum damage from the vaporizing nozzle and the extended range of the long barrel if you have a flamer with the vaporizing nozzle connected then equip the long barrel mod after that. When you switch servers, this effect disappears and the vaporizing nozzle’s projectile override takes over, shortening the flame duration once again. Tyr refers to this as a bug and demands that it be corrected.

Let’s start with the available projectile overrides and the weapon parts to which they’re connected.

Standard barrel: PROJ – 001C5AB6>

Long Barrel: PROJ – 000F06DA>

Standard Nozzle: PROJ – 000F06DA>

Compression Nozzle: PROJ – 001C5AB6>

Vaporization Nozzle: PROJ – 001C5AB5>

As we can see, the flamer creates just three types of flame: medium (regular), long (long), and vaporizer (short).

The problem the flamer runs into is in the order of operation that determines what projectile override is applied. The basic are that legendary effect > muzzle device > barrel mod and that is what we see reflected in game with the flamer, but understanding the system lets you temporally exploit it.

Tyr is calling for a flaw, glitch, or exploit to become the norm, rather than a patch, in order for players to get greater range when they shouldn’t.

This is backed up by the language the game uses to inform the player of what mods do. That language is as follows Superior > Improved/Increased > Reduced/Decreased > Inferior. The list goes on with examples for ammo capacity but you get the idea that superior offers the biggest increase and inferior gives the biggest decrease.

While not always equal, there is a balancing effect in which a greater impact on one portion virtually cancels out an inferior effect on another, or vice versa. Because the extended range barrel only offers “Increased reach” rather than “Superior reach,” the flamer will always have less range than stock. This is represented in the game, although not as strongly as it might be since the normal barrel is not punished for having the vaporizing nozzle connected any more than the long barrel is.

Both the long and standard barrels should have a range that is lower than standard or medium, however the standard barrel has its own flaw that works in the player’s favor. As a consequence, since the muzzle device regulates the distance the flamer shoots, the regular barrel may be utilized to achieve the same range as the long barrel without incurring any penalty.

Takeaways and Important Notes:

  • The nozzle takes precedence over the barrel.
  • According to game terminology, the combined range of the long barrel and vaporizing nozzle should be less than medium and never exceed it.
  • After the vaporizing book, use the long barrel for a momentary extended range and maximum damage bug.
  • Use the short barrel with the normal nozzle for great range, maximum durability, and second-in-weight, but no more damage. This is also a bug, or at the very least, it isn’t operating properly. There’s nothing in the regular nozzle’s description that suggests it’ll provide you a long range.
  • Use the short barrel with the compression nozzle for a permanent medium range, second-best durability, and lightest weight, but at the cost of slightly more damage. Maybe this is operating as planned. Although it is stated in the description that compression reduces range, it does so as a hidden impact. This is the most realistic combination.
  • Use the vaporizing nozzle with the short barrel for a permanent short range, third in durability and weight, but maximum damage. This is likewise a bug, but they didn’t program an additional short range, so you receive the same short range as with the long barrel.
  • Because the nozzle influences range, the long barrel reduces tank durability, increases weight, and reduces accuracy.

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The “best flamer mods fallout 76” is a glitch in the game that causes players to be on fire when they are not. This can be seen as a bug, but it actually helps the player because it makes them more visible.

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