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This article will cover the basics of WP Mobile Game Guides’s Redeem Code system. You’ll learn how to use it, what your options are and where you can find codes for specific games!

The “op adventure of pirates redeem code” is a guide that gives players the codes for the game. The codes are given in a list and also have instructions on how to use them.

Redeem Code List and Guide – WP Mobile Game Guides

Treasure of Pirate is a brand new iOS and Android mobile RPG based on the popular One Piece series. You may create a team out of a list of all of the franchise’s characters, collect money and gems, and take part in a variety of game styles and special events.

You earn a lot of prizes through all of these modes and tasks, but the rarest benefits come from the redemption codes that the creator distributes to enable users to acquire free things. Redeem coupons may be used to get premium currency and other benefits.


Continue reading for a list of redemption codes, as well as information on where to obtain more and how to use them in Treasure of Pirate!

To exchange redemption coupons for rewards, you must must have completed the game’s basic tutorial. Go to the main menu screen and touch on your avatar once that’s done.


On the right side of the menu, there will be a “redeem code” button. When you tap it, a new screen with a text box will emerge. You may input the code or copy and paste it from another source, then confirm it, and your winnings will be awarded immediately.


The official Facebook page for the game is the greatest location to start looking for redemption codes. Because it’s administered by the creators, who are the ones who placed the codes in the game, it’s one of the places where you’re more likely to discover them initially. You’ll probably discover codes if you scroll up and down the stream and look at the photographs.

Check out other social networking sites as well. Codes are likely to be found on Twitter, Instagram, and any other social media site with an official presence. Many of them will also contain codes that can only be used on that site and not on any other social networking platform.


If you can discover a Subreddit dedicated to this game, make sure to check it out. This is where fans are most likely to submit codes they uncover, as well as all the other fans who will surely inquire if anybody knows any codes. If you have any codes that you have discovered that aren’t being shared, please share them as well.

Another excellent resource is video sharing websites. Because streamers and Youtubers often contact with developers and get codes in return for marketing, Twitch and YouTube are the most likely to have videos or broadcasts featuring codes. Look for videos that include codes in them so that you may benefit from the setup.

Check out the game’s review page in the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store, depending on which platform you’re using. Start with the most recent reviews and work your way down to previous reviews to see if anybody has submitted any codes. If you have codes that you don’t see in a review, make sure to add a review with the codes, just as previously.


The following Treasure of Pirate codes have been issued as of right now:

DZ6O1JBYDQP (only for Southeast Asia and Australia)

DZ3TS1KYJ6Q (only available in the United States and Canada)

DZ7WNIY02QA (Only Southeast Asia and Australia are available for download.)

DZ44IBSXSJO (only available in the United States and Canada)

DZ897YOFP50 (only for Southeast Asia and Australia)

DZ5T7ECUVU6 (only for US+CA download)

Keep coming back to this page for new codes as they become available. You may bookmark this page for future reference, and if you have a code that isn’t included here, please leave it in the comments!

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