BioShock 4 Developer Reportedly Loses about 40 Employees

BioShock 4 developer reported to lose 40 employees as a result of poor performance. The company is seeking new investors to help get it through the rough time, despite some people believing this will lead to BioShock 5 being canceled.

The “new bioshock game” is a recent development. The developer reportedly lost about 40 employees due to the project’s cancellation.

BioShock 4 Developer Reportedly Loses about 40 Employees

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Cloud Chamber Games, the developer of BioShock 4, is said to have let off over 40 staff, prompting worry about the game’s delivery timeline. The information comes from Oops Leaks, who previously revealed the game’s working title and other facts. They believe there are development challenges for the highly anticipated game this time around, citing workforce changes and other worries.

Various employees seem to have either voluntarily left the firm or been sacked. Employees that have gone are alleged to include project managers. According to the leaker, this is only a minor reorganization, and new employees are already being recruited. 2K is also unhappy with the present condition of the game and the rate at which it is evolving, according to the report.

Some employees departed on their own, while others were dismissed for different reasons; yet, this isn’t a “development hell,” but rather a “slight restructure.” New personnel have already begun to be hired at the studio. Because of this, the announcement date is likely to be pushed out.

— February 15, 2022, Oops Leaks (@oopsleaks)

The game has yet to be formally revealed, but a recent financial report from Take-Two Interactive displays a release date of 2024, according to the leak. An formal announcement might be made in Q1 2022, according to prior reports.

In other BioShock 4 news, series creator Kevin Levine has indicated that he is not engaged in any way with the latest sequel.

“In essence, I know as much about the game as anybody else.” When it comes out, I’ll play it as a player, but I haven’t been engaged in any way with it yet, so I don’t know anything about it.”

It is anticipated that the publisher would issue an official announcement shortly to put an end to the speculations around the project.

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