Why is Everything So Expensive in GTA Online? –

While it’s great that GTA Online is so addicting, its costs are a little too high, especially if you also factor in GTA modded accounts. It’ll take some time to get used to the open-ended sandbox of all your favorite games with an endless amount of content in this modernized version of life when you’re playing online via Xbox One or PS4. The game can cost as much as $500 per month for players who want premium features and access to special weapons, business properties, and more.

Why is Everything So Expensive in GTA Online? –

The “what to buy in gta 5 online 2020” is a question that many people ask. The answer to the question is not easy, but there are some suggestions that can be followed.

In terms of open-world storyline and objectives, Rockstar’s online sandbox has always taken a risky approach. The game has amassed a sizable player base, and rightfully so. While Grand Theft Auto Online is mostly free to play, it does use several devious tactics to get you to pay more money.

Los Santos’ setting is realistic and engrossing, and there are several ways to explore it. You’ll always find something to do, whether you’re in Los Santos or Blaine. However, everytime you attempt to buy anything with the in-game cash, you’ll encounter a Rockstar trend.

If you’ve ever attempted to purchase anything in GTA Online, you’ve probably puzzled why the prices are so high.

Everything in GTA Online is too expensive to purchase for a free-to-play gamer. The explanation for this is rather straightforward. This is done by Rockstar Games to persuade you to spend real money on in-game purchases.

While this is a great commercial strategy, it has a far broader reach than a simple money grab. Here’s how it all goes down.

How is Grand Theft Auto Online still going strong?


GTA Online maintains its relevance by releasing DLCs that add fresh events and material to the game. Now, Rockstar has the option of charging gamers to access the additional content in a more transparent way. Rather, they offer it free to play while increasing the price to the point where purchasing it is simpler than grinding several missions.

This allows Rockstar to keep releasing new material at a greater rate while still ensuring a profit. They push consumers to spend money on in-game items in order to get ahead of the competition by pricing each thing so costly that purchasing all of the purchasables via in-game quests takes a long time.

Is Rockstar a nefarious corporation?


Rather of labeling Rockstar as “evil” or “greedy,” it’s more useful to consider it from a broader viewpoint. While many players have complained about the game’s enormous inflation since its introduction, it is one of the few methods to keep the online server running.

Almost every game with microtransactions has two types of players. Others who spend real money to advance in the game and those who just appreciate it for what it is. Based only on this criterion, none of these players are superior than the others.

A good game, however, need a healthy mix of both types. You may think of it this way: pay-to-win players pay to keep the server running, and they receive their own benefits in return. While you, as a normal player, may take use of the spare time you gain from playing your favorite game.

Can You Advance in GTA Online as a Free-to-Play Player?


While you will never be able to outspend someone who has poured millions of dollars into the game, making money in GTA Online is not difficult. Even as a free-to-play user, there are various methods to achieve success in the game. We’ll go through a few of them here.

Don’t go overboard with your spending.

It should go without saying that your beginnings will be more difficult than others’. At this time, your primary goal should be to save as much money as possible. Before things become easier, you’ll need to save up roughly $2,200,000. As a result, strive to keep your expenditures to a minimum on:

  • Clothes That Aren’t Necessary
  • Vehicles with a lot of flash
  • Weapons that aren’t required

Prepare to put forth some effort.


You must be willing to devote part of your everyday time to GTA Online. To achieve the $2,200,000 milestone, grind as many tasks as you can. Everything will be worthwhile in the end. As a result, attempt to increase your grinding efficiency and feel free to spend in products that will provide you with greater profits.

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However, don’t risk your riches just yet since you’ll need them later. Look for high-paying tasks that will allow you to make a significant profit in exchange for your time. This will allow you to have a better understanding of the tasks and their difficulty.

Cayo Perico Heist Grind


Cayo Perico Heist is the most rewarding assignment in Grand Theft Auto Online right now. The rewards may easily provide you with a luxurious lifestyle without exerting any effort. That being said, here’s how to get started:

  • Go to the new nightclub beneath the Diamond Casino after you’ve accumulated the beginning cash of $2,200,000.
  • Meet Miguel Madrazo and learn about his theft scheme.
  • You’ll need the money now to buy the Kosatka submarine HQ from Warstock Cache and Carry, which will serve as your new base of operations. This is a one-time purchase, and you will own the property even after the quest is completed.
  • Start the mission by exiting the submersible.

Unfortunately, the mission only includes the Cayo Perico Island. As a result, you won’t be able to loot it outside of the task. A single robbery is projected to pay roughly $1,078,000, and grinding it may set you up for a very smooth ride.

This task is available in two versions: multiplayer and solo. The overall payout for a solo robbery is more than double that of the multiplayer version. Completing the Cayo Perico Heist without sufficient planning, on the other hand, is much more difficult than it seems.

In the end, it’s up to you to determine how you want to play the game. While GTA Online has a pay-to-win aspect, it should not influence you only in the early stages of the game. The major purpose for this element’s inclusion is to assist Rockstar in maintaining the GTA Online server. If you’re a free-to-play player, grinding the Diamond Casino Heist is a great method to make a lot of money.

The “why is gta 5 so expensive reddit” is a question that has been asked many times. There are many reasons why GTA Online can be expensive, but the most common one is the cost of items in-game.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to buy everything in GTA Online 2020?

A: Its been a long time since Ive played, but it would cost approximately $42.

How much does it cost to get everything in GTA Online?

A: You can get the full game GTA V for $59.99 or you can buy the digital deluxe edition which is on sale right now at only $39.99 and comes with some cool bonuses like 30,000 in-game GTA dollars, a bonus character called Trevor Philips (from another popular Rockstar game), and more!

What is the most expensive thing in GTA Online?

A: The most expensive thing in GTA Online is the VIP membership, which costs $10,000 to purchase.

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