The 6 Best Minecraft Server Plugins For Spigot and Bukkit to Enhance

Learn about the 6 best Minecraft server plugins that can help enhance your gameplay experience on Spigot and Bukkit servers.

1. WorldEdit and WorldGuard

Two of the most popular Minecraft server plugins that enable users to edit the game’s universe are WorldEdit and WorldGuard.

Players may easily alter the landscape and environment with these plugins, such as adding new buildings or blocks, creating new biomes, and more. They may also impose limits on certain regions or the conduct of individual gamers.

WorldEdit and WorldGuard are both quite configurable. Players may decide how much land they are permitted to develop or modify, which regions are protected from other players, and even how natural blocks respond when put next to one another. For example, if a player installs two sand blocks side by side in Minecraft using WorldEdit, they will immediately transform into sandstone bricks rather than remaining distinct pieces. This is only one example of what these sophisticated server plugins can achieve.

2. LuckPerms

LuckPerms is a permissions plugin that lets players offer roles and permissions to their players fast and efficiently. It is really simple to set up and allows you to have complete control over who has access to your server. It also allows for extensive customisation, with each participant having different roles and rights.

Furthermore, it supports certain groups of people, which means that some persons might be granted or refused access based on their participation in a particular group. LuckPerms simplifies server administration by automatically giving or refusing permission on behalf of its users.

3. McMMO

McMMO is a very popular plugin that is used on custom Spigot and Bukkit servers. It introduces an RPG-style skill leveling system to the game, enabling players to improve their mining, woodcutting, and fighting abilities. McMMO also has features like party building, where groups of players may participate in group activities, and XP sharing.

This plugin is ideal for people who wish to transform their Minecraft server into an MMORPG with its own skill tree, XP distribution, and party structure. As a result, McMMO has rapidly become one of the most popular plugins for both Spigot and Bukkit servers, with a devoted community to debate it. With McMMO on your server, your gamers will have a more immersive gameplay experience.

4. Dynmap

Dynmap is a plugin that displays a live map of the Minecraft server on a web page. This plugin gives users access to an interactive online map that displays many types of information such as geographical server locations, chat messages, player positions, and more.

Dynmap also enables players to examine pre-defined markers on the map once they have been configured in-game. It also offers extra capabilities that allow you to create a website for your server with menus, custom rules, and notes in several languages. You may also make 3D models of your buildings or define bespoke regions with various backdrops.

Dynmap also contains a realtime radar overlay, which is used to monitor players’ movements as well as their server activities in real time. The plugin is fantastic for communication amongst players as they explore the many areas in Minecraft.

5. Multiverse

Multiverse is a fantastic Minecraft server plugin for Bukkit and Spigot. It enables users to construct several worlds on the same server, each with their own set of rules, game styles, and even distinct versions of Minecraft. Multiverse also supports a broad range of modifications, including key plugins like WorldEdit, which allows you to alter the topography and structure of your worlds.

You may also grant rights to various worlds depending on players’ access levels, as well as configure spawn places and gateways between realities. Multiverse is a must-have server plugin for generating unique environments; It’s adaptable enough to work in conjunction with other world management server plugins.

6. Modern LWC

The Modern LWC Lightweight Chunk Loader server plugin enables players to maintain chunks loaded in their chunk borders even when they aren’t actively participating in them. This plugin is very beneficial for tiny survival map servers with low resources since it may minimize latency and prevent blocks from emptying.

It also introduces various new features, including as the ability to provide players admin-style commands for controlling owned chunks, such as:

  • Creating ownerless chunks
  • Constructing custom chunk loaders
  • Setting individual player chunk limitations

Modern LWC also works with Spigot and Bukkit plugins to improve the player experience. It introduces customizable time limitations for owned chunks, allowing inactive chunks to ultimately unload, as well as an API for controlling various features of how plugins interact with the LWC system.

Overall, Modern LWC is a fantastic plugin that drastically improves Minecraft servers while saving resources.

Honorable Mentions

Honorable Mentions are plugins for the Minecraft servers Spigot and Bukkit that support or improve the fundamental functioning of these servers. Honorable mentions might vary from one-of-a-kind multiplayer experiences like Slimefun’s capacity to construct real-world things to game-changing features like Factions’ clan system. Many of these plugins have existed since the game’s first release, while others have subsequently been built by third-party developers and made accessible with a broad range of functionality.

Some Honorable Mentions are further subdivided into Small Enhancements, which are stripped-down versions of their Honorable Mentioned counterparts and may only include one or two features.

The 6 Best Minecraft Server Plugins For Spigot and Bukkit