Was Avalanche Studios Developing Mad Max 2?

Avalanche Studios was working on a game called Mad Max 2: Road Warrior but the project was cancelled and all of its resources shifted to Just Cause 3. What happened?

Rumors have been circulating that Avalanche Studios was developing the sequel to Mad Max. However, these rumors were later debunked by the studio.

Was Avalanche Studios Developing Mad Max 2?

Before the epidemic, the crew was possibly working on a sequel to Mad Max, which was published in 2015.


Mad Max’s status is interesting: it wasn’t a horrible game, and it didn’t disappoint in terms of sales, but Avalanche moved on to continue the Just Cause series and, with a small detour, assisted Bethesda in the development of Rage 2. They’re now working on Contraband, which we’ll discuss later. However, an image just appeared on Twitter that has piqued the public’s curiosity.

Wendy W. Fok also uploaded this photo on LinkedIn, explaining why: “Before times, at Avalanche in New York, when O’Neil requested me to be scanned to be in Mad Max 2 as a rebel.” Photogrammetry, 3D scanning, and a slew of cameras.” Writing this tweet so openly in 2022 is a risky move, but there’s no need to be concerned; the identical thing was posted on We Designs’ Twitter in February 2017.

So it’s possible that Avalanche’s aim five years ago was to produce a sequel to Mad Max. The epidemic may have put a stop to everything, thus it’s uncertain whether the game is still in development. Because the NPCs in Rage 2 are Mad Max villains, the digitalization work may have landed up there. And because neither Warner (the Mad Max publisher) nor Avalanche has asked Twitter to remove the message, the project has been canceled.

Contraband, which will be published by Xbox Game Studios, was revealed by Avalanche in June. It was officially billed as a cooperative smuggler’s paradise set in the 1970s in the imaginary planet of Bayan. Jez Corden, writing for Windows Central, has more on this project, and he discussed what he’s read from the design drawings in one of the World of Gaming broadcasts.

“I received the design brief… It’s a really different sort of game since it’s exclusively focused on vehicle combat. You organize smuggling runs and heists, then carry them out. It’s almost as though the goal is to avoid killing your opponents. Rather of going on major killing sprees with carnage and all that, the weaponry focus on crippling opposing cars by taking out the tires and other such things. “They’re aiming for a more tactical action game where killing is seen as a last option,” Corden said.

In contrast, director Omar Shakir’s announcement on Xbox Wire reads quite differently, claiming that it’s the studio’s most ambitious game ever. Microsoft has been in negotiations with it for three years. “We’re using what we’ve learned from 18 years of being at the forefront of building gorgeous, large open game worlds replete with magnificent views and fantastic emergent gameplay moments,” he said, without specifying where they were in production. We have an incredible team at Avalanche Studios pushing the limits with the next iteration of our Apex Engine, the technology that powers all of our games, including the Just Cause series, to completely realize our vision for Contraband. We created the engine to unleash our creators’ creativity, and we’re looking forward to taking full use of the Xbox Series X/unique S’s features.”

So, no Mad Max 2, but yes to Contraband. Did the Swedes get their inspiration from Twisted Metal?

PCGamer and VGC are the sources for this information.


The “mad max road warrior” is a rumor that has been going around for a while. Avalanche Studios denied the rumors and said they were not working on Mad Max 2.

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