Sharing my knowledge with Urgot support, since T1 & LS have been playing it recently.

A recent reddit post from the League of Legends subreddit asked for advice on how to improve Urgot’s play. One user responded with a list of changes that aren’t always well-known, but have proven effective when combined together. These are some pro tips I am happy to share – since it took me several months and hundreds of games to figure out!

The “urgot runes” is a rune build that I have been playing recently. It is an aggressive build with high burst damage and the ability to quickly kill enemies.

Sup, Urpog is my name. Why am I in a position to inform you about Urgot assistance? I’m a master of all roles (apart from jungle, fill queue included.) I’m the reason T1 is presently playing Urgot support after we played a game together. DiligentResilientDadDoggo jXXPmtOc0pJzf 8z - Sharing my knowledge with Urgot support, since T1 & LS have been playing it recently. 8z I know it’s vague, but name another top-tier Urgot supporter LMAO). On NA and EUW, where I’m both masters, I have roughly 450/500 games with Urgot assistance.

With that out of the way, I’ve included a complete guide, matchup, and synergy list that explains how to pilot it and provides you with the majority of the information you’ll need. My guide covers every role from top, jungle, mid, adc, and support, so give it a quick 5 minute read to get a general idea.

So, how does Urgot help? Urgot support is a versatile pick with many functions going into a lobby, think of Urgot support as a Gragas top, you can go tank to be the frontline for your team, peeling but you have the option to go into the AP variant if your team ends up lacking in damage, it’s a great blind pick because enemies will think the Urgot is going toplane, allowing your toplaner the counterpick angle, champions that counter Urgot top look something like Aatrox,

Urgot support has four potential keystones for entering a lobby, the most common of which being PTA. PTA is fantastic with Urgot since it’s so simple to activate; one auto into W activates it in 0.7 seconds. This is by far his greatest solid rune, amplifying damage from all sources while also assisting your ADC.

Aftershock is Urgot’s second most viable keystone, which you should use anytime your laner is engage heavy, such as Leona, Pantheon, or Alistar, since Urgot E can buffer their CC, which you want to engage on. As an example, consider the following: Urgot may press E while being E’d by Leona, and Urgot will run through Leona and grab the ADC while stunned, triggering aftershock to obtain the massive burst amount of armor/MR to survive while they’re trying to burst you due to the CC focus.

Predator is Urgot’s third most viable keystone. If your lane is very weak, and you have an Ezreal, Kaisa, or Kogmaw, or whatever else that takes time scaling into the game and doesn’t offer much for the laning phase, you just weakside your ADC and attempt to reach mid/ahead top. Keep in mind that this is a squishy-catch/pick playstyle, which is quite different from typical Urgot.

Guardian is his fourth ability, and it is his most situational. When you have a crucial ADC to defend, Guardian is the rune to utilize. Keep in mind that Urgot’s movement speed is enormous because to his whole identity being slow but powerful. Your engagements are much weaker due to nothing offensive, but if you have a decent early game, this rune is overwhelming as hell. For example, if the other team has a heavy engage on Xin Zhao and Vex, as well as a Signed who may have Predator, I need to defend Senna, so I choose Guardian. Our jungler DC’d at level 5, but that’s no issue if you play appropriately.

What does Urgot want to accomplish in the early game now that the runes are out of the way? There are a few techniques you can use. The E-Flash early game is the first big trick, since you can buffer abilities with your E. Your E level 1–2–3 is normally unopposed; certain abilities, such as thresh E, Q, and others, might interrupt it if you cast it incorrectly, but this is usually a 100 percent victory for your team. You want to avoid E-Flashing anybody with a dash since anyone with strong reaction time may fully evade your E, so if it’s Lucian Nami, you always go for Nami, trading 1 for 2 at the very least or 0 for 1.

Another trick is to start W for your jungler, spin around the camp with W after telling him to stand super close to the camp so you don’t tank, and you’ll give your jungler the best leash in the league. If the enemy team has a stronger level 1 than you, start W for your jungler, spin around the camp with W after telling him to stand super close to the camp so you don’t tank, and you’ll give your jungler the best leash in the league.

When you have flash down, you aren’t much of a champion; Prowlers may help with that with their gap closing ability, but most of the time you’ll just sit back and get bullied, which is where Spectral comes in. At level 4, you *ALWAYS* PUT TWO POINTS INTO Q!! WHATEVER ROLE YOU PLAY!! What motivates you to accomplish this? It’s a really OP thing you can use for early aggressiveness since it doesn’t interrupt your W max skill sequence and it triples your damage on your Q, going from 25 to 70. Because it’s so simple to land, you can start repeating this to get gold with a high level of consistency.

People underestimate how powerful these boots are – I’ve even built them on mid and toplane on occasion – I cannot overstate how much these boots help Support Urgot if he’s enabled to purchase them, it’s an all-the-time thing for Support Urgot since you’re playing around bush aggro, sweeping bushes, playing around where minions can and can’t see you, making plays around where minions can and can’t see you, making plays around where minions can and can

Consider it a toggle switch: with Urgot support, you’re always looking to kill, while with flash down, you’re looking to zone control, not to dominate anything in particular, but to find small advantages for your team. If you have someone like Jhin, who is the best ADC for Urgot, or Draven, you can always make plays.

Example combos: Urgot Q > Jhin W > Urgot E > Urgot auto > W > Activates PTA > Jhin walks up, whoever dies. You do this on whoever you’ve taken flash from, if they’re immobile it’s a guaranteed kill, if they have a dash you chunk them for 80% and crush laning phase.

Draven E > Urgot Q (delay it, use the slow from Draven E to gap close more.) > Urgot E forward, Urgot auto > Urgot W. With Draven’s aggression this is 99% of the time a kill since he has self steroids with movement.

Outside of lane, you should be invading the jungle; you’re great at taking down jungle camps because you can deal a lot of damage in a short amount of time; if your lane isn’t achieving anything, go to krugs or gromp; you’ll need gold because your items are expensive; titanic hydra and black cleaver are essential for Urgot to be a viable champion; titanic hydra and black cleaver are essential for Ur

Here are a few highlights: – Dragon steal

1505567527941906437 - Sharing my knowledge with Urgot support, since T1 & LS have been playing it recently.

1 v 2 Urgot support prowlers example

TL;DR: Someone playing Urgot support in your game is most likely doing so because it’s popular on stream, and they’re probably in it. You should double-check that they’ve played a few games of Urgot.

Thanks for reading this far; if you’re interested in seeing exclusive offmeta Urgot content, you can find me on twitch at; if you have any questions, you can leave a comment here, contact me on reddit, or join my Discord at Urpog#2665; I’m always glad to assist.

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