5 Best Water-Type Pokémon in FireRed & LeafGreen –

The Pokémon franchise is a video game series that features creatures called Pokémon which are able to be caught and trained by players. Each creature has different strengths, weaknesses, moves and stats making them harder or easier for certain players to catch depending on their skill level in the gameplay mechanics of the game. This list shows some of FireRed & LeafGreen’s best water-type Pokemon according to GamePressure staff members.

The “best water type pokemon fire red” is a list of the 5 best water-type Pokémon in FireRed & LeafGreen.

5 Best Water-Type Pokémon in FireRed & LeafGreen –

Kanto is home to some of the series’ most recognizable water-types.

Water-types are powerful in combat, but they can also surf over water, which became even more crucial in the FR/LG remakes.

Here are our suggestions for the top aquatic team-mates to assist you fight throughout Kanto if you’re searching for some recommendations.


Tentacruel is a five-star hotel in Tentacruel,

Tentacruel Pokedex in Pokemon FireRed screenshot

Suggestions for Action:

  • Toxic
  • Barrier
  • Surf
  • Hydraulic Pump

Tentacruel is a Water/Poison-type that specializes in poisoning and delaying opponents until the poison wears them out.

Toxic, a TM move that causes ever-worsening poisoning, is at the heart of this approach. After defeating the Fuchsia City Gym, you’ll get the TM.

Tentacruel will learn Barrier at level 38, a move that dramatically increases Defense.

Tentacruel’s Defense may be increased to an astonishing 3x its usual level by using Barrier up to three times every fight.

Tentacruel may specialize in defense, but that doesn’t mean it can’t use the conventional Water-type move set.

Surf and Hydraulic Pump are two of the strongest Water-type moves in the game. So you’ll definitely want these.

HM03 for Surf is found in Area 3 of the Safari Zone, while Hydraulic Pump is learned at level 55.

Tentacool may be caught by surfing on almost any body of water. Raising a Tentacool to level 30 will let it to develop into a Tentacruel.


Vaporeon (#4)

Vaporeon Pokedex in Pokemon FireRed screenshot

Suggestions for Action:

  • Surf
  • Dig
  • Hydro Beam is a kind of energy beam.
  • Beam of Aurora

Note: If you leveled your Eevee too quickly and your Vaporeon forgot any useful moves, go to the Two Island Move Reminder and teach them again.

Vaporeon’s main STAB moves will of course be Surf and Hydro Beam is a kind of energy beam..

Thankfully, Hydro Beam is a kind of energy beam. is learned at level 52. So you won’t have to visit Two Island to pick it up.

There are lots of directions you can go when filling Vaporeon’s final two move slots – my picks are Beam of Aurora and Dig.

Beam of Aurora is an Ice-type move learned at level 36 that will do huge damage against Elite Four Lance’s team.

Vaporeon’s greatest covering move against its Electric-type weakness is Dig, which you’ll obtain as a TM (TM28) after defeating the Rocket Grunt in Cerulean City.

In the Celadon Department Store, though, you may purchase another TM for Dig.

How to capture one: In the Celadon Mansion, an Eevee may be found in a Poke ball. Then save some money and go to Celadon City’s Department Store (4th level) to purchase a water stone. It can be used on Eevee to turn it into a Vaporeon.


3. Gyarados (Gyarados)

Gyarados Pokedex in Pokemon FireRed screenshot

Suggestions for Action:

  • Surf
  • Hydraulic Pump
  • Earthquake
  • Dance of the Dragon

Gyarados is a colossal Water/Flying-type that would be at the top of the list in most other places.

So as far as a moveset, of course Gyarados will be using Surf and Hydraulic Pump as its main offensive moves.

It’ll learn Hydraulic Pump naturally at level 40.

Gyarados, on the other hand, may learn Earthquake, which provides the finest covering for its x4 vulnerability to Electric-type attacks. This is also an excellent strategy for sweeping Agatha’s whole squad.

The prize for defeating the Vermillion City Gym is Earthquake (TM26).

And then for its final move, teach Gyarados Dance of the Dragon, a status move that buffs both Attack and Speed.

Gyarados learns Dance of the Dragon at level 50, just in time for the Pokémon League.

You may catch a Magikarp anyplace you can fish, or you can purchase one at the Poke Center right before Mt. Moon. The Old Rod is the first fishing rod to be used here, and it can be obtained by chatting with the Vermillion City Fishing Guru.

To develop your Magikarp into Gyarados, get it to level 20.


2. Lapras

Lapras Pokedex in Pokemon FireRed screenshot

Suggestions for Action:

  • Ice Beam
  • Surf
  • Ray is perplexed.
  • Song of Death

Lapras, who was given to you as a present, is certain to appear in your FR/LG playthrough.

If you grant it a place on your team, it will almost certainly become your ace.

It has the following features:

  • A fantastic typist
  • a diverse move pool
  • And there’s a lot of data to keep track of.

All of this combines to make it a near-unsinkable ship capable of slicing through a large portion of the Pokémon League.

Lapras’ major STAB move will be Ice Beam, which will also be its ticket to one-shotting Elite Four Lance’s whole Dragon-type squad.

Lapras’ second STAB move will be Surf, which will let it to beat Bruno’s Onixs and the Champion’s Rhydon.

Lapras also has a decent selection of support moves. My picks here are Ray is perplexed. and Song of Death, both of which Lapras will already know when you’re given it.

Ray is perplexed. will, of course, confuse the opponent. While Song of Death dooms the enemy to faint in 3 turns, regardless of whether or not Lapras is still on the battlefield.

After beating your opponent in the Silph Co. building in Saffron City, you’ll be handed a Lapras as a present.


1. Blastoise is a kind of tortoise.

Blastoise Pokedex in Pokemon FireRed screenshot

Suggestions for Action:

  • Surf
  • Dance of the Rain
  • Earthquake
  • Ice Beam

Blastoise is Kanto’s greatest Water-type, although it’s only accessible at the start of the game (naturally) or via trade.

With a solid collection of ever-strengthening Water abilities to get you through the game’s Gym fights, choosing Squirtle puts you up for a pleasant playing.

Blastoise’s final moveset should include Surf as its STAB move.

It does learn Hydraulic Pump, but unless you’re overpowering your starter and neglecting your other Pokémon (we’ve all been there), it won’t reach a high enough level to learn it by the end of the game.

Instead, teach Blastoise Dance of the Rain at level 42 to buff Surf for the next 5 turns.

Electric Pokémon are Blastoise’s most serious vulnerability, so teach it Earthquake as soon as you receive the TM.

Finally, you may teach Blastoise Ice Beam with the TM in the Celadon Game Corner to counter Blastoise’s Grass-type weakness.

How to capture it: In Professor Oak’s Lab, choose Squirtle as your starter, then raise it to level 16 to develop it into Wartortle. At level 36, Wartortle will revert to Blastoise.

The “where to find water type pokemon in fire red” is a question that has been asked for years. There are 5 best water-type Pokémon in FireRed & LeafGreen, and they’re all very easy to catch.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best water type in Pokemon Fire Red?

A: The best water type in Pokemon Fire Red is Corphish, though it has a high chance of getting hit by a critical hit.

Who is the best water type Pokemon?

A: To find out who the best water type Pokemon is, we need to think about what makes a good water type. For instance, in order for a Pokemon to be considered as water, it should have some kind of relation with water and its properties like wetness or swimming-ability.

What is the strongest Pokemon in fire red?

A: Charizard is the strongest Pokemon in fire red.

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