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The Ascians are a faction of the Astrals, beings who were once mortal and ascended to godhood. They believe in the power of magic and follow its teachings.

The Ascians are a race of beings that have been around since the beginning of time. They were once humans, but they’ve gained god-like powers over time and now live in the world’s many floating islands.

The Ascians are to blame for the majority of Final Fantasy XIV’s problems. These enigmatic black-robed figures lay the groundwork for instability in Eorzea.

If you ask yourself, “Why did (insert terrible event here) happen in Final Fantasy XIV?” you’ll get a lot of different answers. The majority of the time, the answer will be Ascians.

It may need a few detours along the road. We may have to “go around the homes” a little to get there, but it’ll all be Ascians in the end.

The Ascians are the ones that taught the Beast Tribes how to summon Primals, the bosses we fight throughout the majority of A Realm Reborn.

Ascians are continuously seizing all of our pals and attempting to plunge the planet into darkness.

To put it bluntly, they’re a pain in the neck.


What Was the Origin of the Ascians?

The Ascians are the only surviving members of an ancient race that existed long before modern civilisation.

The universe was split into thirteen parallel realities during a fight between Hydaelyn and Zodiark, an event known as The Sundering.

The Sundering claimed the lives of just three Ascians.

In Shadowbringers, we get to meet Emet-Selch (all-around troublemaker), as well as Lahabrea and Elidibus.

Unlike some other MMOs, which have a villain of the week, these characters all have backstories that are woven into the fabric of everything we’ve done so far.

The Ascians replenished their ranks by resurrecting their broken comrades’ souls. However, their numbers are still small.

They’re even thinner after we’ve finished with them – killing an Ascian properly isn’t easy, but we accomplish it every now and again.

The Ascians are immortal as well, and have shaped Eorzea’s history for a very long period.

They have the ability to take over the bodies of live people in order to interact with the physical world. For as long as they’ve lived, they’ve utilized this capacity to influence the people of Eorzea and beyond.


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What Are the Physical Characteristics of Ascians?

All Ascians, with the exception of one, wear the identical black robes and masks, which are almost cultish in appearance.

This corresponds to the Ancients’ appearance in Amaurot later in Shadowbringers – a uniformed style that prioritizes community above individualism.

Square seems to have a soft spot for this design.

Organization XIII is another gang of gloomy and enigmatic villains with a love for flowing black clothing. If you’ve played any of the Kingdom Hearts games, you’ll be acquainted with them.

Because Ascians may inhabit both live and dead bodies, they can take on the appearance of almost anybody.

This is how they’ve been able to carry out so many of their wicked plans.

They may also take on various forms, such as skeletal, gloomy reaper-like creatures or the tyrannical Ascian Prime.


What Does It Mean To Be An Ascian Prime?

When two Ascians fuse together, they create a Prime.

When Lahabrea and Igeyorhm band together at Heavensward’s Aetherochemical Research Facility to thwart the Warrior of Light from ruining their plans, we fight one of them.

They seem to be cool, but they don’t amount to something we can’t manage, and they don’t become a widespread issue.

It’s simply a playful reference to the Ascians’ real nature as aetherial creatures.

Their mortal bodies are just instruments for them.

Some Ascians may simply leave their mortal bodies after they have been killed and return in a fresh one. This makes eliminating them for good a difficult task.

The Scions of the Seventh Dawn, on the other hand, are nothing if not resourceful, and they find that Ascians may be permanently killed using aether-absorbing materials.

I’m not going to get into too much detail about it here. But when it occurs, it’s a huge relief!


Ascian sitting in a chair / FFXIV ScreenshotAll Rights Reserved. Image source: Harmonea / SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD.


What Are The Ascians’ Motives For Destruction?

The Ascians seek to resurrect their old civilisation, and they think that the only way to do it is to “Rejoin” the parallel universes created by The Sundering.

The Rejoining procedure completely destroys the dimensions involved, removing all life from them.

So it’s not that they want to completely destroy the planet; rather, they seek to restore it to its pre-Sundering state.

This is obviously terrible news for the different individuals and forms of life that are now flourishing on each of the shards of reality – but they don’t seem to mind.

Other kinds of life are considered inferior by Ascians. Whether they are just instruments to be controlled or livestock to be slaughtered.

No matter how charming or morally complicated the Ascians seem to be, they are constantly planning the death of an endless number of innocent people to further their own goals.

Clearly, the Ascians have yet to be successful.

We’ve brought their ambitions to an apparent halt at the conclusion of the Shadowbringers expansion.

But they’re still out there.

They’re still looking for a method to cause disasters and advance their nefarious goals.

The ffxiv convocation of fourteen is a group in Final Fantasy XIV that has been around since the game’s release. They are a race of beings that have no physical form and can only be seen by those who have reached their level cap.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the 14 Ascians?

The 14 Ascians are the most powerful beings in the universe. They were created by an ancient god to protect the world of Beat Saber from evil forces.

Who is the Ascians God?

The Ascians God is a deity in the video game series Mass Effect.

Is Elidibus an Ardbert?


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