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The Ultimate Collection –

The Sims and World of Warcraft were two of the most popular video game brands in the early 2000s, and the fandom for both is still going strong over two decades later.

Whereas Realm of Warcraft takes you to a fantasy world filled with orcs, elves, and dragons, The Sims likes to show you what your life would be like if things were a bit more whimsical.

What would a mash-up look like, though?

Here are some fantastic TS4 modifications and CC sets based on Azeroth’s world and famous heroes.


1. Chibi Paintings from World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft Chibi Painting Collection / Sims 4 CC

Take a Look At This CC

The hyper-deformed “chibi” painting style has always appealed to me.

It transforms virtually everything into something charming and fashionable, such as these World of Warcraft characters.

N.Blightcaller’s WoW Chibi Painting Collection contains charming renditions of a variety of character classes, foes, and mounts. Even the Lich King is endearing, which says a lot!

Any of the 25+ paintings on the wall will give your Sims a +2 Happy moodlet when they look at them. Who doesn’t like gazing at adorable items?


2. Horde & Alliance Career Paths

Horde & Alliance Career Paths / Sims 4 CC

Take a Look At This CC

“Should I join the Horde or the Alliance?”

Everyone nowadays gets along. Back in the day, though, belonging to one of these groups meant anything.

People who value independence, bravery, and self-determination go toward the Horde, whereas those who value peace, harmony, and order gravitate toward the Alliance.

Your Sim will join the Horde as a scout and work their way up to Warchief with this profession mod by N.Blightcaller.

Alternatively, you may get the Alliance edition.


3. Tattoos on the chest from World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft Chest Tattoos / TS4 CC

Take a Look At This CC

I used to fantasize of having a lot of video game-related tattoos as a teen to show my support for my favorite franchises.

It took me over a decade to get the guts to be tattooed, but your Sims don’t have to wait.

You may just download one of these WoW Chest Tattoos and they’ll be on their way to looking badass in no time.

Every class and race, as well as groups like the Frostwolf and the Scourge, are represented by these logos.


4. World of Warcraft Expansions Canvas – Full Set

WoW Expansions Canvas Complete Pack / Sims 4 CC

Take a Look At This CC

Check out Hasufel’s WoW Expansions Canvases if you’d rather adorn your house than your body.

This mod will allow you to transform your bedroom, living room, or gaming room into a genuine WoW fan’s haven.

It’s a collection of seven enormous, colorful framed posters that include the “cover” of each expansion, from the first to the most recent.

This is something I’ve seen before in the houses of WoW aficionados, so it’s quite realistic.

Alternatively, you may print off a copy of these class-based posters to hang on your Sim’s walls.


5. Armor of the Dragon Queen

Dragon Queen Armor Set CC / Sims 4

Take a Look At This CC

Cosplaying is a lovely activity that encourages you to go outside of your comfort zone and put yourself in the shoes of your favorite characters, not only in terms of appearance but also in terms of attitude.

This unique Dragon Queen Armor Set by Natalia-Auditore is inspired by Alexstrasza, the Life-Binder, the Queen of Life. In Heroes of the Storm, she’ll be shown wearing one of the awesome armor sets.

It’s a stunning ensemble in general, and the color scheme is spot-on – but the huge horns are my favorite part.

They’re large enough for crystals to be hung from them! That’s what I’m talking about when I say threatening.


6. Illidari: Demon Hunter Horns in World of Warcraft

Illidari: World of Warcraft Demon Hunter Horns / TS4 CC

Take a Look At This CC

The Demon Hunters are undoubtedly the most attractive of the several WoW races, owing in large part to their intimidating horns.

With the Illidari set of Demon Hunter horns from World of Warcraft, creator Valhallan delivers some of that demonic fire to The Sims 4.

This set includes six various horn designs, ranging from small spikes to massive spirals, that will give any character a mythological appearance, making it ideal for Realm of Magic content.

Male and female Sims from the ages of Teen to Elder may wear these horns. However, there is a size-adjusted version for children here.


Sets for Warcraft Heroines No. 7

Warcraft Heroine Sets / Sims 4 CC

Take a Look At This CC

If I had to guess, the most of you came to this page hoping to see some of your favorite World of Warcraft characters on The Sims 4.

IvkaSims, a CC creator, makes cosplaying certain notable female heroes simple with entire outfits that even modify a Sim’s hair to resemble the chosen heroine.

Jaina Proudmoore, as seen in Battle for Azeroth, may be seen at the link above.

However, you should also look at Tyrande Whisperwind, a night elf, and Sylvanas Windrunner, a banshee.

The majority of these goods have been translated directly from World of Warcraft, so you can be sure they’re accurate.


Pets in World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft Pets / Sims 4 CC

Take a Look At This CC

One of my favorite aspects of the Realm of Magic expansion was the inclusion of charming Familiars.

These small animals, whether they’re Glowfrogs or Snub-nosed Leaf Bats, make a mage’s life much more delightful.

The World of Warcraft Pets mod by Natalia-Auditore, which adds Murlocs, Baby Raptors, Spiders, and even a little succubus to TS4, is another fantastic source of magical companions.

There is one caveat: they aren’t truly pets in TS4. They’re merely ornamental sculptures! But it might be for the best. Can you imagine having to raise a Murloc as a pet?

And there’s more wonderful news! Natalia-Auditore has added to this pack after its first release, including:

So, if you’re seeking for a collection, have a look at them.


Lot No. 9 in Suramar

Little Suramar Lot / TS4 CC

Take a Look At This Collection

Suramar is one of Azeroth’s oldest cities.

It was an old Night Elf temple, and although much of it was destroyed by the Burning Legion during the War of the Ancients over 10,000 years ago, a portion of it remained concealed until recently.

Suramar is now the home of the Nightborne elves, and due to SatiSim’s Little Suramar Lot, it may now be the home of your Sims.

The Little Suramar lot is a small reproduction of the city, comprising some of the most important sites, made entirely using vanilla assets.

The colors and lighting are perfect, and it was done without the use of any CC.


The Floating City Lot (Dalaran) is number ten.

Dalaran – The Floating City Lot / Sims 4 CC

Take a Look At This Collection

Arcane practitioners should rejoice at the addition of the Floating City of Dalaran to your TS4 save.

SatiSim’s massive 6464 lot features the most prominent areas of this mage-ruled city-state from World of Warcraft.

These locations are more specifically:

  • The Center of the Universe
  • The Halls of the Rogue and Mage Classes
  • And down in the sewers, there’s the Arena.

Beneath The Violet Citadel, you’ll even discover a lovely apartment where your Sim may set up shop and begin studying magic under the Kirin Tor.

“The Ultimate Collection – We’ve had enough” is a collection of games that have been released on the PlayStation 4. The game contains over 100 titles and has been released by Sony Interactive Entertainment. Reference: we’ve had enough.

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