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The best battlemages in League of Legends are the ones who can use their abilities to their fullest potential. They have mastered the art of using spells and items to turn the tide of a battle, often surprising opponents with their creative use of magic.

The best mages in league of legends is a question that has been asked before. There are many different opinions on who the best mage is.

The bruiser and mage are two of the most popular classes in League, and it’s easy to see why:

The former enables you to bash your way through almost any adversary (complete Hulk vibes), while the latter allows you to outplay your opponent from a smugly safe distance.

Although many people gravitate toward one of these playstyles, if you’re anything like me, you’ll find it difficult to choose between the two.

But what if I told you that you didn’t have to choose between the two?

There’s a lesser-known playstyle that brings the best of both worlds together:

The battlemage is a character in the game.

As a battlemage, you can get right into the fray and do massive AoE damage while maintaining a high level of resilience.

Continue reading if this kind of play appeals to you.

In League of Legends season 11, I’ve rated the top battlemages.


5. Rumble

Rumble LoL gameplay battleImage Credit:

Rumble is a battlemage who blazes his way to the win screen despite his little stature.


His Flamespitter sets fire to his foes, while his AoE wall of flames burns their health bar to ash.

This ferocious Yordle has a penchant for electricity in addition to fire.

He utilizes an Electro Harpoon to slow down and weaken his opponents’ magic resistance, making them susceptible to his assaults.

Rumble isn’t the strongest battlemage in the current meta, while being a viable and entertaining choice overall.

It’s also difficult to master his overheat passive. You’re almost inviting the loss screen if you timing his skills wrong.


4. Swain

Swain LoL gameplay screenshotImage Credit:

Swain may be elderly, but he hasn’t lost his sense of flair (and power).

He’s a demon-summoning battlemage with a laning phase kit that’s meant to deliver Armageddon to his opponent.

If his opponent moves too near to him, he may draw them in, root them, and butcher their health bar with his decimating ultimate.

Even if they remain back and give up their lane pressure, Swain is still a threat: he harasses them in an almost unjust manner.

He also has a flock of lethal, dark ravens that cure him to top it all off.


You don’t want to be caught up in this battlemage.


Cassiopeia is the third star in the constellation Cassiopeia.

Cassiopeia Battlemage LoLImage Credit:

Cassiopeia, the Serpent’s Embrace, slithers into third place.

Cassiopeia isn’t the simplest battlemage, but after you learn the art of serpent charm and find out how to manage her, she’ll be a piece of cake.

Her fangs are very lethal.

She’s a cold-blooded terror in teamfights, with damage-dealing poison AoE, movement speed, and lots of CC.

And if she’s ahead, her E ability is a game-changer: it increases her damage output tenfold and gives her incredible sustain, allowing her to handily 1v3 opponents.

So, ditch the boots; tails are the new must-have.


2. Anivia

Anivia LoL gameplay screenshotImage Credit:

Although Anivia isn’t the most popular champion, she is a formidable battlemage.

Her Q (Flash Frost) stuns and thwarts anybody who stands in her way, while her E (Frostbite) causes a storm of damage.

Her W, on the other hand, screams “you shall not pass.”

She may use it defensively to keep any opponent from approaching her, or she can use it offensively to imprison them and send them to their cold deaths.

Rebirth, Anivia’s passive, is also eggcellent. It provides her with a second shot at life.

So, after every game, your deadly misplays will no longer haunt your nightmares.

At the very least, some of them will not.


Vladimir Ivanovich

Vladimir Champion LoL gameplayImage Credit:

Vladimir, a bloodthirsty battlemage who will drain your opponents’ LP and willpower, takes first place.

Vladimir has all of the qualities that a battlemage might want (and more).

He can annoy his opponents from afar and up close and delivers insane amounts of damage.

To avoid ganks or flee a losing fight, he may even transform into an untargetable blood pool.

Vladimir is also one of the most straightforward battlemages to master.

But what qualifies him for the top spot?

The fact that he’ll most likely come out on top even if he goes 0/3 in lane.

Because to his AoE ultimate and stat-boosting passive, Vlad possesses extremely excellent scaling – the one-shotting kind.

Vladimir evolves into a full-fledged vampire as the game progresses, becoming deadly, hideous, and unkillable.

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The best mage in league of legends wild rift is a battlemage that can be used in many different roles. They have the ability to control the flow of combat and support their team with abilities like ultimate, which can turn a fight around for your team.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best mages in lol?

The best mages in League of Legends are Zyra, Morgana, and Orianna.

What is a battle mage lol?

A battle mage is someone who uses magic to fight.

Is Aurelion Sol a battle mage?

No, he is not a battle mage.

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