The Ascent Gets a New Patch with Performance and Stability Fixes

This week the Ascent has received a new patch that includes performance and stability fixes. We have also updated our in-game map to show more of the world, with high-detail textures, improved lighting, and more!

The-Ascents-Latest-Patch-Enables-Ray-Tracing-in-Xbox-GameNeon Giant is an image by Neon Giant.

The Ascent, Neon Giant’s outstanding action-shooter RPG and Cyberpunk 2077 counterpart, has received a new patch for the Steam edition.

The patch brings a slew of new features to the top-down shooter, including improved performance and stability. They include stuttering and hitching reductions in both DirectX 11 and DirectX 12 versions of the game (Neon Giant has promised that future updates would reduce these issues even more), as well as a variety of single player and co-op crash improvements.

A lot of improvements to The Ascent’s gameplay, achievements, and translation will also be noticeable. Several minor collision problems have also been resolved.

The Ascent will get this fix at a later date for the Windows 10 Store and Xbox editions, since it is still in the process of being deployed for these platforms.

Notes on Patch 2 of The Ascension

Performance (PC Steam & Win10)

  • For Windows Store Players, DX12 is now the default.
  • For Windows Store, DX11 is now supported.
  • For DX11 and DX12, improvements have been made to minimize stuttering and hitching, and more work will be done here in the future.
  • On all systems, Ray Tracing is turned off by default.
  • Improved Hot Joining loading times on Steam & XB Family devices, more work will continue here for future updates

Continuity (all platforms)

  • Several crashes in Single Player and Cooperative modes have been fixed.
  • Save your progress (all platforms)
  • Weapon Skins may be lost due to a bug that was fixed.
  • Character Shirts may be lost due to a bug that was fixed.
  • An problem where Gear may be lost has been resolved.
  • When a Host disconnects within a tier elevator, Clients’ goods may get unequipped.
  • Clients’ save progress may be lost while fast traveling in some situations, which has been fixed.

Playing the game (all platforms)

  • Fixed an issue where a FullChrome might not spawn in ‘Mutual Dependencies’ on occasion (Mission 2)
  • Fixed a bug where ‘Sell All Duplicates’ didn’t function properly.
  • When people are murdered, the frequency of Kira lines has been changed (will now trigger less often)

accomplishments (all platforms)

  • A bug with the achievement ‘Added Extras’ has been fixed.
  • An problem with the achievement ‘Aficionado’ has been resolved.
  • A bug with the achievement ‘Helping Hand’ has been fixed.
  • An problem with the achievement ‘Win’ has been resolved.
  • A bug with the achievement ‘Fair Trade’ has been fixed.

Adaptation (all platforms)

  • Other languages have minor bug fixes.
  • Please keep in mind that we are currently trying to improve the translation quality in all languages.

Other Repairs (all platforms)

  • Several minor collision problems that were reported have been resolved.


The Ascent is a cyberpunk-themed action-shooter RPG that may be played alone or cooperatively. The Ascent Group, the megacorporation that owns you and everyone else, has just gone bankrupt. Is it possible to live without it?

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