N64 Games Reportedly Coming to Nintendo Switch Online, Possibly as Part of a Premium, Higher-Priced Subscription Tier

The Nintendo Switch Online service will reportedly be adding classic N64 games to its library, including Super Mario 64 and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. This move could be part of a higher-priced subscription tier that includes other games or it might just be included in the basic $20/year package.

The n64 games on switch 2021 is a rumor that has been circulating the internet for a while. Nintendo Switch Online will reportedly include N64 games as part of its premium, higher-priced subscription tier.

N64-Games-Reportedly-Coming-to-Nintendo-Switch-Online-Possibly-asNate the Hate (photo credit: Nate the Hate)

Nintendo’s subscription service, Nintendo Switch Online, was rumored to be adding Game Boy and Game Boy Color games earlier this month. According to new reports, another vintage console may be introduced to the service shortly.

Nintendo is preparing to add Nintendo 64 games to Nintendo Switch Online, according to Nate the Hate, who was the first to report on Game Boy and Game Boy Color titles being added to the subscription service. N64 games, according to Nate, may launch as part of a new premium service tier that will be more expensive than existing subscriptions.


“Shortly after our video was released, many publications came out to confirm the facts we had mentioned, and Eurogamer went a step further by stating that more platforms would be introduced to Nintendo Switch Online in the future,” the source said.

“Today, I’d want to add to that, yes, that information is correct, and the groundbreaking Nintendo 64 will be one of the platforms that will be coming to Nintendo Switch Online in the future.”

“In our opinion, the N64 is a more lucrative platform on which Nintendo could make a lot more money with these titles, so what I propose is that when Nintendo 64 [games] come to Nintendo Switch Online, they will be accompanied by the introduction of a higher-priced tier – a premium version of Nintendo Switch Online, if you will.”

Nintendo now costs $3.99 for a single month of Nintendo Switch Online, $7.99 for three months, and $19.99 for a full year of Nintendo Switch Online. For $34.99, you can get a family subscription that covers up to eight individual accounts and gives you access for a year.

Over 100 vintage NES and Super NES games are currently available on Nintendo Switch Online. Online play, unique games, and special deals are among the other benefits of the membership service.

Nate the Hate is the source of this information.

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The nintendo switch online games are reportedly coming to Nintendo Switch Online, but they could be part of a premium, higher-priced subscription tier.

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