How to get Nocturnus in A Universal Time (AUT)

Nocturnus is a game that was released in December of 2017, and it is one of the most popular games on Steam. The game takes place in an alternate universe where the player has to escape from a prison before they are executed by the guards.

The a universal time trello is a tool that allows you to play Nocturnus in A Universal Time.

How to get Nocturnus in A Universal Time (AUT)

Nocturnus is one of A Universal Time’s finest Stands, and it’s not too tough to get if you already have The World unlocked. Even if you don’t, completing all of the steps won’t take too long. This tutorial will teach you how to get Nocturnus in A Universal Time (AUT) and go through his moveset and controls in detail.

Some of these procedures may be better completed on a private server. There will be less rivalry for goods and monsters, and you will be less likely to get griefed while doing missions. If you need some assistance locating AUT private server codes, check out our tutorial.

In A Universal Time, how do you acquire Nocturnus? (AUT)

Follow these steps to obtain Nocturnus in AUT:

  1. In the Snowy Mountains, speak with Dio.
  2. Obtain the Nocturnus Quest and finish it.
  3. The Nocturnus Stand will be sent to you.

Locating and interacting with Dio is the initial step towards getting Dio in AUT. Dio may be found at the snowy region at the highest top of the mountain. Use Crystallized Stand and the Stand Jump action by hitting the “B” key if you’re having difficulty getting up there. Choose the option “I want to grow stronger” while speaking with Dio. The Nocturnus Quest will then be given to you by Dio. 


The following are the goals of the Nocturnus Quest:

  • Win 20 one-on-one battles.
  • Time Using King Crimson, skip 30 times.
  • Using The World, timestop ten times.
  • Dio must be eliminated.
  • Take 2,000 points of damage.
  • Inflict 5,000 damage on the enemy.

All of them are very simple if you have King Crimson and The World on your side. The first stage is to win twenty 1v1 matches, so choose your favorite Stand and start to work. Using The World or other strong Stands, you should be able to win quickly.

Then you’ll need to have your King Crimson Stand ready. It’s a common stand that may be acquired by arrows from meteors or chests. By hitting the “V” key on your keyboard, you may Time Skip with King Crimson. 

The World is a little more difficult to get than the King Crimson Stand. We have a comprehensive tutorial on how to get the World in AUT, but we can also break it down for you here. Basically, you’ll need to find Shadow Dio and then talk to Him in the jungle. After completing the Shadow’s Demands quest, drink Joseph’s Blood. Once you have The World, you may Time Stop by using the “F” key.

After that, you must go to the jungle and defeat Dio. Dio spawns every 2100 seconds (35 minutes) in the Forest region, according to our AUT spawn statistics. Don’t worry about dying; defeating him will most certainly take many lives. 

Finally, you must do 5,000 damage while taking 2,000 damage. You may be finished with these chores at this time. If you aren’t, go to the park and start pounding on some dummies. If you still need to suffer some damage, you may let an assaulting NPC strike you.

AUT’s Nocturnus Moveset, Abilities, and Controls

  • M1 – Standard Attack
  • E – Slash the Leash
  • Gnash Slash (R)
  • T – Slash, Slash, Slash, Slash, Slash, S
  • Crash Slash (F)
  • N – Line of communication

A handful of basic strikes into a Leash Slash is a basic combination you may employ. You may then follow up with a Flash Slash and tie several more combinations together to make it more deadlier. When you practice utilizing Nocturnus, you’ll discover that it’s a highly strong Stand with amazing combos.

More relevant information and material may be found in the A Universal Time area of our website.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get DIO in the world Aut?

DIO is a character in the game, not an item. You must have completed the story mode to unlock him.

How do you get spins in universal time?

The universal time is the time that is set by the International Bureau of Weights and Measures.

What can you do with Whitesnake in a universal time?

Whitesnake is a song by the band, Whitesnake. Its in time signature 4/4.

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