All Dry Season Combat Planimals in Monster Harvest

The Combat Planimals are a new species of monster introduced in the latest update to Monster Harvest. These creatures have been designed to be both challenging and rewarding for players who enjoy hunting them down.

You may play as both a farmer and a Planimals battler in Monster Harvest, a Stardew Valley meets Pokémon-style game created by Maple Powered Games. Despite the fact that many of the townsfolk have Planimals, there is no way to tell which crops evolve into which Planimals without guessing, therefore in this tutorial, we’ll go through all four dry season fight Planimals so you’ll know which crop to cultivate to mutate into whichever Planimal you desire.


Mutanko is the first. It’s made by smothering Mutato seeds in crimson slime. Mutanko grows in six days and is born understanding the Slam move. Slam is a basic strike that does damage depending on your Planimal level and costs 0 FP (we think FP stands for “Fight Points,” although the game doesn’t say). Mutanko unlocks the move Neutralize at level three, which costs 2 FP and reduces the enemy’s attack for three rounds. Mutanko unlocks the move Multibite at level eight, which does damage to the opponent and continues to inflict damage for three rounds after both Planimals have done their turns. We personally suggest utilizing this Planimal early in the game, since you will automatically get one near the start. Furthermore, its ability Neutralize will enable you to combat opponents safely even if you don’t know their level.



Then there’s Radcross. Radcross is made by soaking Radish seeds in crimson slime. Radcross will develop in four days and will be born knowing how to use Claw, which is functionally similar to Slam in that it requires no FP and does the same damage at the same level intervals. Radcross learns Heal at level three, which costs 4 FP and allows Radcross to heal himself. Finally, as Radcross reaches level eight, he will learn Poison, which poisons the opponent Planimal by doing 3 turns of damage over time. While Radcross is adorable, we don’t suggest spending too much time in it early on since it doesn’t really shine until level eight, and by then you’ve probably improved your farm soil enough to reach to level eight much quicker and with less effort.



Then there’s Glowfin, who’s a big hitter. It’s made by smearing Red Slime over Glowfruit, and it takes four days to mature. Glowfin is born with the ability to Slash, which is functionally identical to both Claw and Slam (see a trend here?). It will learn Rally at level three, which costs 3 FP and doubles Glowfin’s attack damage for the following three rounds. Finally, Glowfin learns Rage at level eight, another three-FP move that does tremendous damage to an opponent. Glowfin can strike hard, which makes it a fantastic ace-in-the-hole, but it’s tough to carry it deep in the dungeon since it doesn’t have any healing or damage mitigation. Furthermore, you must first defeat one in the Dungeon to get Glowberry seeds, implying that by the time you have a chance to produce Glowfin, it will be useless unless your soil level has been raised.



Last but not least, there’s Brainger. It’s made by smearing Red Slime on a Brainkin, and it takes six days to mature. Brainger is born with the ability to use Bite, which is identical to the other three starting moves. Drain, a 2 FP move that does some damage to an opponent while simultaneously healing Brainger for that amount of damage, will be taught to Brainger at level three. Brainger then learns Neutralize at level eight (the same move as Mutanko as seen above). Brainger is likewise not immediately accessible from merchants, but once you get one, we strongly advise you to level it up. Drain is a great dungeon action since it allows you to recover any chip damage you receive against the lesser Planimals in the early levels, allowing you to battle at full strength when you reach the Dungeon’s deeper levels.

To summarize, each of these Planimals has its own merits, but Mutanko and Brainger, in our opinion, are excellent for progressing further into the Dungeon, particularly since they can tank non-boss Planimals effectively, allowing your Glowfin to stay unharmed until monster time. Despite the fact that Radcross does not fit into this essential early-game strategy, it is adorably cute.