Tomes and Grims Location Reference List

Do you need a list of locations from The Witcher 3? I’m your boy. Here it is!
The Tomes and Grims Location Reference List for the world’s best RPG game, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. This comes in handy if you’re looking to find a specific location in-game with my easy-to-use interactive map!”.

The “vermintide 2 tomes and grimoires locations” is a list of the locations in which you can find Tomes and Grimoires.

warhammer 10 - Tomes and Grims Location Reference List

I’m writing this down as a quick reference for tome and dismal locales. If it helps, please feel free to use it! Sometimes all you need is a brief review to refresh your memory.

If you have no clue, it’s best to check for a (video) tutorial, but let’s suppose you know the maps fairly well but can’t recall where tomes and grims are (or how to trigger some of them).

Go here for genuine guides:

Grims and Base Game Tomes

Shadows and Ubersreik

Drachenfells and Unfavorable Signs, plus all of them

You can recall the places much better if you use certain landmarks and key phrases. This isn’t (primarily) a how-to guide; rather, it’s a list of locations to memorize.

Righteous Position

  1. Tome. Prior to the dropdown menu, add items to your cart.
  2. Grim. After the elevator journey, you will be at the sleeping area.
  3. Tome. Before descending to the gun lever.
  4. Before the cliffside dropping, there’s a leaping problem for a lever.
  5. Tome, a secret passageway leading to the last event.

Decay’s Convocation

  1. Tome. To begin, I went to bed.
  2. It’s bleak. The gate puzzle has failed. Continue pushing the incorrect brick until it opens.
  3. Tome. Exit the tunnel after the gate puzzle.
  4. Grim(Key). After a lengthy descend to a large region, the spawn position is random.
  5. Grim. Climb up the wall just before you descend the round steps.
  6. Tome. Before the descent, behind the tomb, after the circular steps.

In the Dark Hunger

  1. Tome. Before the first dropdown to the minecart, there is a three barrel event.
  2. Before dropping down into the dark section, detonate the barrel.
  3. Tome. In a circle, a Minecraft track ascends.
  4. Before dropping down to cave stalagmites, it was bleak.
  5. Tome. Upper left side of cave stalagmites.


  1. Tome. Under the left side of the enormous slightly open door at the start of the level.
  2. Tome. Before crossing the canal on a narrow wooden beam, rowboat.
  3. Grim. After the descent, you must traverse narrow wooden beam bridges.
  4. The Tome of the Great Tower.
  5. Look up to shoot Buboe in the Plaza area.

Yenlui, Athel

  1. Dropdown to a large wooded area, Tome/Grim/Tome. 1 Grim, 2 Tomes Start on the right side. To get to the left side, go all the way across. Go all the way to the right side, before the dropdown.
  2. Three buttons at the start of the ruins area.
  3. Tome. After the final paragraph, there’s a dropdown.

Bell that screams

  1. Backtrack hop up beams in the pig area.
  2. Tome. Return to the upper house.
  3. Tome. Jumping from market light posts to market light posts.
  4. Climb the wagon ladder after the second tome and before the descent.
  5. Tome. Dropdown to the left, then make a quick right. Before the dropdown, you must ascend the stairs to view the enormous statue.

Brachsenbrucke Fort

  1. Tome. At first, there was a river.
  2. Wagon Jumping. Tome.
  3. The left side of the cliff, near to the huge river, is bleak.
  4. Pull the lever in the cave.
  5. Tome. Instead of exiting the cave for the last dreadful, turn right.

Into the Cage

  1. Tome. If you see a long bridge, turn right and go along the cliffside.
  2. Grim. Cross the lengthy bridge, ascend the wooden building, and continue on the trail.
  3. Tome. To proceed, go close to the needed lever.
  4. Grim. Pull the lever and use the ladder to retrace as far as possible into the pit.
  5. Tome. In a region with large stone cubes, there is a minecart.

Opposing the Grain

  1. Tome. Before the descent on top of the wagon, the farm roof.
  2. Grim. Place the barrel on the right side of the farm house, just before the barn entrance.
  3. Grim/Tome. Grim is on the windmill before the barn door opens (it may open first), and tome is just close to the barn door on above.
  4. Tome. Cross two large fields and stay to the left of the water area with the fallen tree.

Empire in Peril

  1. Tome. After ascending the building’s stairwell, there is a first double dropdown.
  2. Grim. Go into the house, fire the barrel, and crouch under it.
  3. Tome. Before walking out the steps, the wine cellar comes to an end.
  4. Grim. Before entering the home, solve the jumping problem at the cheese market to get healing goods and ammunition.
  5. Tome. At the end of the level, leap around the upstairs corner.

Ground that is festering

  1. Grim(Key). After dropping down into the large cave, take the key at the bottom.
  2. Tome. After the large cave, look for the wooden bridge. Climb up before dropping down.
  3. Grim. Use the key to unlock the chest at the bottom of the several dropdowns near the great river.
  4. Tome. There are several wooden bridges that go down to a marshy region. Don’t go all the way down!
  5. Grim. In the camping tent area, there is a huge wooden ramp heading up.
  6. Tome. Before dropping down to a large swamp with large trees, jump over ruins.

War Camp

  1. Tome. Before falling down, start on the left side of the house.
  2. Grim. After approaching swamp town, jump on top of wooden posts.
  3. Tome. Before dropping down, exit the swamp town area and look to the left for a building.
  4. Tome. On the left side, there is a tent. Stick to the right side and avoid the rock route.
  5. Grim. 3 incense sticks (right at dropdown, tents, behind swamp dock on cliff). Grim may be found in the central area.

The Skittegate scandal

  1. Tome. Prior to the elevator.
  2. Grim. Following the elevator journey.
  3. Grim. After the massive descent, shoot the container above the key lever pull region.
  4. Iceburg leaping, Tome.
  5. Tome. After defeating the first needed boss, go the left lane and look for a gap in the wall.

The Pit

  1. Tome. Look about the large open town area. Stick to the right and descend all the way to the water’s edge.
  2. Grim. Stick to the right-hand side. Look for containers and a hidden explosive barrel. On the bridge, blow up the wagon.
  3. Tome. Near the end of the same area, on the far left side. Before the descent, there is a large water area.
  4. After the Survive! event, and after the first dropdown. Instead of taking the right exit, take the left and proceed up.
  5. Tome. Before the next descent, locate the ladder on the far left side after dropping down from the previous grim (into town area again).

The Blightreaper is a blight reaper.

  1. Grim(Braziers). All of the braziers should be lit. The following are examples of important ones that are often overlooked: It’s the first one you see as you go into the dark room. After a brief dip when the way divides left and right, there are five braziers, one of which will be directly in front of you. Two on the left route, go on and circle around to the “right side” path for the fourth brazier, then proceed toward the exit for the fifth brazier just before the tiny wooden bridge. As you proceed, the remainder of the braziers will be there in front of you.
  2. Tome. Drop down to the left side of a little wooden bridge with brazier.
  3. Grim. When departing the final dark room and ascending the steps, light braziers on the right side.
  4. Tome. Drop down into the town area and enter the tunnel on the left side. Behind the barrels, the first chamber on the left.
  5. Climb up, shatter the wall, and leap over a narrow alleyway using a roof ladder.
  6. Tome. Right in front of the gate that requires a key.

Magnus’ Horn

  1. Tome. Climb to the right side of the first structure. Prior to the dropdown menu.
  2. Grim. Take the little street to the left and inside the church. Climb to the top of the chest and peek behind the flag on the wooden beam.
  3. Tome. Wagon with ammo crates.
  4. Tome. Hug the left side up top after dropping down for triple barrels.
  5. Grim. Before mounting the stairs, look for massive locked doors after the large open room. To seize, leap to your feet.

Morr’s Garden

  1. Tome. Jump over the wall from the small steps heading down to the tomb area on the left side.
  2. Grim. Circling around to the opposite side before a dropdown is a good idea. Jump over all of the coffins that are placed on top of each other.
  3. Tome. Right after the first gloomy, but on the other side of the dropdown in the upper right corner. Grab something from under the surface.
  4. Grim. Before the tunnel, in the region with guaranteed healing and a descent to the graveyard. Grab something from under the surface.
  5. Tome. Before the hedge maze, in the midst of the cemetery area.

War Machines

  1. Tome. Before dropping down on the right side, jump up on the torch.
  2. Grim. Before entering the hollow tree tunnel, jump on the post with the skull.
  3. Tome. Turn left onto the passage before the ruins after passing through the doomwheel barrels.
  4. Grim. When you enter the ruins, keep straight and remain to the right. Jump from tree to tree.
  5. Tome. To get to the statue location at the end of the ruins, jump up the side of the pillar.

Unfavorable Signs

  1. Tome. Explore the left half of the first section.
  2. Grim. Following the ambush, hug the right side of the cave and search for a barrel to put.
  3. Tome. Left side, just before the fallen tree crossing.
  4. Grim. Hug the right side of the large open space, discover a structure, and enter.
  5. Tome. Before the descent, there is a mountain climb region where you can view the conclusion.

Haunted Houses

  1. Tome. When entering town, go to the far right side. Climb the structure.
  2. On the far left side of town, there’s a waterwheel and a lever (when entering).
  3. Tome. Backtrack uphill before the descent where you can see the two long wood bridges.
  4. Tome. Climb up to the right side after passing the second long wood bridge.
  5. Grim. Climb the tiny ladder and go higher after finishing the final tome. Do not immediately descend to the place where you will be passing beneath a bridge.

In the Darkness, Blood

  1. Tome. Before entering the cave, cross a bridge and look for stalagmites.
  2. Grim. Go right before pushing the lever to shut the gate. Do not lift the lever at this time.
  3. Tome. Proceed left instead of right upon entering the “rescue prisoners” section, and go in and down.
  4. Tome. Save the final inmates, climb containers, and peek above in this region.
  5. Grim. Backtrack around the corner and drop down into the chamber before dropping down to the healing item checkpoint.

Lair of the Enchanter

  1. Tome. After the trap door, a long way. IN THE SECOND ROOM WITH THE GATED PIONEERS, LEFT IMMEDIATELY TO HIT THE BRICK BUTTON NEXT TO THE TOASTER. Turn around and go right back into the concealed chamber.
  2. Grim. See the chest in the center of the room. To acquire the key, walk past, up (don’t drop anything), and leap over the gargoyle statue. Open your chest.
  3. Tome. After the section when you utilize the explosive barrel, go to the rear of the chamber before mounting the stairs again.
  4. Grim. Backtrack to the courtyard. Look for a space between the two hallways and climb up the right side for the key. To open a door, go to the rear corner of a hallway.
  5. Tome. Before the following descent, go under the arch in the chamber after ascending lengthy spiraling steps above.

If you find any mistakes or have better ideas, please let me know and I’ll gladly update this!

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