The five best indie games of 2021

There are many reasons to be excited about the future of gaming, but they don’t always stem from what’s happening at the top level. There is a lot going on in the indie game market right now and we’re looking forward to see how it all pans out over time. Here are some of our picks for five games that look like they’ll make waves this year.

The “best indie games of all time” is a list that ranks the top 5 best indie games released in 2021. The list includes some of the most popular indie titles released in recent years.

This item is part of’s round-up of the best of 2021.

The amazing thing about independent games is that the possibilities are endless. They aren’t restricted by a large corporation that can decide what may and cannot be included, resulting in unique titles in the genre. This list contains our top five independent games published in 2021, all of which have a compelling plot, interesting gameplay, and exceptional overall quality that sets them apart from the rest of the year’s releases.

5. Gnosia

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  • On March 4, 2021, the film will be released.
  • Petit Depot created it.
  • PLAYISM is the publisher of this book.

Gnosia stands out as one of the top visual novels of 2021, despite the fact that there have been a lot of them produced. You take on the role of an amnesiac crew man onboard a ship. Some of your crew members are Gnosia, or wicked entities, and it’s your responsibility to figure out who they are. What’s the catch? Every time you successfully or unsuccessfully figure out who the Gnosia is, you are returned to the beginning, with new crew members and circumstances each day. It’s up to you to figure out who everyone is, what the underlying conditions of the time loop are, and how to escape free.

The gameplay is similar to the popular tabletop game Werewolf, in which players are allocated responsibilities for each path. You’ll be an ordinary crewmate in certain loops, the Gnosia in others, or a new position like Guardian Angel in others. You’ll have to figure out who’s lying and what the genuine danger is. Alternatively, if you’re the evil person, you’ll have to blame someone else. If you like social deduction games but have always desired an emotional narrative to go along with them, Gnosia is a story that will stay with you long after you’ve finished it.

4. Simulator of Evasion

1640124975_448_The-five-best-indie-games-of-2021Pine Studio provided this image.

  • On October 19, 2021, the film will be released.
  • Pine Studio was in charge of the development.
  • Pine Studio is the publisher.

Escape Simulator is a multiplayer online escape game that may be played with your pals. You’ll be challenged with solving several riddles, much as in conventional escape rooms, but this game takes it a step further by giving you a variety of chambers to complete before reaching the conclusion. You’ll have to examine every nook and crevice in the room for keys or components to one of the puzzles, much as in genuine escape rooms. The game’s chambers are imaginative and fun to play in. With the inclusion of community-created rooms, fresh material for Escape Simulator is continuously being released, keeping you and your friends amused for hours after you’ve completed the main rooms.

3. Dungeon of Boyfriends

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  • On August 11, 2021, the film will be released.
  • Kitfox Games created and released the game.

You play as a young adult who moves into their cousin’s apartment for the summer in Boyfriend Dungeon. You’ve come to break out from your shell and finally start dating. You go into dunjs to make money with cool-looking weaponry to help you acquire confidence in yourself and meet new people. However, it turns out that the weapons you’re brandishing are also the individuals you may date. You’ll hack and slash your way through the game as you come closer to your shapeshifting weapon of choice.

The game has a wide cast of romantic characters, including non-binary romance possibilities, and in a genre dominated by cis-gendered, white characters, it’s fantastic to see more individuals from all walks of life depicted in a tasteful manner. Overall, Boyfriend Dungeon is a much-needed game in the romance category that educates players about the positive and terrible aspects of dating while stressing that the negative shouldn’t keep you from being happy.

Gloomhaven is number two.

1640124976_32_The-five-best-indie-games-of-2021Flaming Foul Studios provided this image.

  • On October 20, 2021, the film will be released.
  • Flaming Foul Studios created the game.
  • Asmodee Digital is the publisher.

This year, the popular tabletop game Gloomhaven made its way onto Steam. You play as a mercenary who leads a group of mercenaries on a quest to defeat the frightening beasts that afflict Gloomhaven. If you don’t feel like playing the game alone, you may play it online with three other pals, which is the ideal way to get the most out of it.

Each scenario you complete in this game unlocks additional things in the store as well as new objectives, some of which are branching. So, if you choose to support Jeksarah, a lady who wants to destroy the government and replace it with the undead, you will not only be barred from certain tasks that are related to the current administration, but the country of Gloomhaven will be eternally transformed. There’s a character for everyone with 11 mercenaries to unlock and a total of 17 playable characters. Gloomhaven is a massive, tremendously difficult game that stays true to the original material. Gloomhaven is a game that everyone should play with their friends if they want a hard yet rewarding experience.

The Forgotten City is number one.

1640124977_263_The-five-best-indie-games-of-2021Image courtesy of Modern Storyteller

  • On July 28, 2021, the film will be released.
  • Modern Storyteller created it.
  • Dear Villagers is the publisher of this book.

The Forgotten City is a time-loop mystery that began as a mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and has now evolved into a full-fledged computer game with updated visuals and voice acting. You’ve been transported to a Roman city 2,000 years ago. You’ve heard that everyone in this city follows the Golden Rule: if one person commits a crime, everyone else suffers and is converted into gold. You’re then given the duty of ensuring that the Golden Rule is not breached.

The game does an excellent job of examining the moral problem of creating the ideal city free of crime. Although it seems to be a simple task on paper, you’ll soon discover how difficult it is. In The Forgotten City, no one is flawless; they’re all imperfect people who might wind up destroying the Golden Room, dooming everyone, and forcing you to start again. However, you maintain all of the knowledge you’ve learned as well as the goods you’ve collected owing to the game’s fantastic time-loop system. The Forgotten City is a fantastic mystery that makes excellent use of the time-loop feature, and it’s one of those games that you won’t be able to put down until the end.

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The “best indie games pc” is a list of the five best indie games of 2021. These are the top five most anticipated indie games that are coming out in 2021.

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What is the biggest indie game?

A: This is a difficult question to answer, as it depends on what standards you use. Indie games are defined by the type of game they were made with, and there are many different kinds of indie games out there. However, one standard definition that I find most interesting is the smallest number of employees who can make a video game.

What are some good free indie games?

A: Here are some free indie games that you can check out!

Is Roblox an indie game?

A: Yes.

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