How to Get Capes in Minecraft – An Essential Guide

A cape in Minecraft is a great way to show off your style and can be a useful tool in game. This guide will show you how to get capes in Minecraft so you can start showing off your style to other players.

Quick Facts About Capes

In Minecraft, capes are a form of vanity item that allows players to personalize their look with unique designs. Although capes are not available in the original game, they may be obtained through third-party programs. Capes may also be won by buying Minecon Live 2020, an online event occurring in October 2020.

Players must have a Premium account, which can be bought from the Minecraft Marketplace, in order to equip a cape. After obtaining a Premium account, gamers may enter the Customization page and choose any of the available capes from a list. Players who bought the Minecon Live 2020 event will be able to obtain unique exclusive capes from this menu. Furthermore, some servers provide customized cape designs for VIPs or staff members.

Finally, there are websites that provide free custom cape designs that you may download and upload into your game if you just want to show off your creativity without paying or unlocking anything.

How to Get a Minecraft Cape

Minecraft capes are a distinctive element of the popular game Minecraft. Capes are unique objects that are permanently connected to the in-game avatars of players, enabling them to modify and personalize their character. Capes may be gained in a variety of ways, including by entering codes from certain skin packs, attending official conventions and events, or getting them as a gift from other players. While there is no method to earn a cape without paying money, there are various ways to obtain one without doing anything unlawful or against the rules of the game.

The most popular method for acquiring a Minecraft cape is through codes sent as part of promotional skin packs. Users may use these codes to unlock and utilize unique capes that would otherwise be inaccessible in the game. Additionally, players who visit official Mojang conferences and events may be awarded with special capes that are not available anywhere else. Finally, certain players may be given a cape as a gift by another player who already possesses one.

Overall, although there is no method to get a Minecraft cape without paying money or breaching the game’s rules, keen players may gain special capes if they know where to seek or have access to particular skins packs or events that reward them with these desired items.

How to Change your Cape

Changing your cape in Minecraft is a terrific way to show your creativity and give your avatar a unique look. It’s also really simple. To change your cape, you must first buy or get a resource pack with the cape you choose.

  1. Launch Minecraft and click to the resource packs menu.
  2. Click the “Manage” option and choose the resource pack with the desired cape.
  3. Pick “Install Pack” and then “Change Cape” to equip your character with the new cape.

That’s the end of it. Keep in mind that capes are not compatible with all versions of Minecraft, so double-check compatibility before purchasing or downloading any resource packs.

How to Get Capes in Minecraft