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The world of Final Fantasy is expansive and steeped in an immersive lore. One thing that has become a staple throughout the games’ history are its rare summons, which usually come with their own unique story to tell. The one summon who holds a special place in the hearts of all players is the Hippo Calf Minion from FFXIV: A Realm Reborn. This guide will take you through how this powerful ally can be obtained- even without playing FFXIV!

The “hippo calf minion ffxiv” is a new mount that players can obtain in the game. It’s not easy to get, but it’s worth it if you want to be cool and have a cute pet.

The Hippo Calf Minion may be found in the Level 85 Dungeon “Vanaspati” on a rare occasion. This Dungeon is unmissable and is accessible via the Endwalker Main Story Quest.

The Minion, on the other hand, will take some time to master.

It can only be found in the Dungeon’s last chest. This implies you’ll continue cleaning Vanaspati until RNG gives you a break.

After that, you must defeat your other Warriors of Light in a Loot roll.

There are two methods to get around this:

  • Completing the Dungeon with friends is usually the best and fastest method, or you may do it alone.
  • You may use the Trust System to your advantage.

You may use the Trust System to take on the dungeon with the help of your fellow Scions.

This implies you won’t have to win any Loot rolls if the Hippo Calf Minion appears.

The catch is that Trust Dungeons take roughly twice as long as regular Dungeons.

If only they could be designed to utilize area-of-effect assaults instead! Maybe not stand in as many explosions, but that’s a tall order.

You can always put yourself in Duty Finder or Party Finder if none of those alternatives seem logical. Maybe you’re feeling particularly fortunate.

Whatever method you choose, after you’ve obtained the Hippo Calf, just remove it from your Inventory to get the Minion.


Vanaspati’s Vanaspati’s Vanaspati’s Vanaspati’s Van


The Horrors unleashed on Thavnair by the Song of Oblivion in Vanaspati / FFXIVAll Rights Reserved by SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD.


You’ll acquire the quest “Skies Aflame” after you return after unwittingly unleashing the Song of Oblivion on Eorzea.

The Final Days have fallen upon Thavnair, and you’ll need to hurry to rescue it, since you were picked up in Old Sharlayan.

It’s a good idea to be prepared before racing headlong into the blazing wilds of Radz-at-Han.

Especially if you’re not acquainted with the mechanics of prior raids!

Some not-so-dangerous Mobs and three Bosses stand in the way, as they do in practically every Dungeon.

To make your Hippo Calf grind go well, you’ll need to get acquainted with them.

So, here’s a rundown of these bosses and their abilities:


Snatcher of Terminus

  • Last Gasp – Use a Tankbuster to reduce damage.
  • Note of Despair – An AOE that affects the whole room; mitigate and heal as appropriate.
  • Mouth Off – The Snatcher of Terminus will summon five non-targetable “mouths” along the edge of the arena. Two of the “mouths” will be closed, with a “…” speech bubble above them. Simply stack behind them to avoid damage.
  • What is Left or What is Right – The Boss will cleave that half of the arena depending on the assault. To escape harm, go the opposite way the Flank is cleaving.
  • Lost Hope — This strike gives all players “Temporary Misdirection.” Any input will move you in the direction of the cursor, which will spin above your head. To prevent “Mouth Off,” use short, rapid motions to get the right direction.
  • Wallow – Each player will be surrounded by a massive aoe. Distribute them across the room. It’s used in conjunction with “What’s Left or What’s Right.”


The Wrecker of the Terminus of Vanaspati / Final Fantasy XIVAll Rights Reserved by SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD.



Wrecker of the Terminus

  • Total Wreck – A Tankbuster that may be used to reduce damage as required.
  • Meaningless Destruction — An AOE that affects the whole room; mitigate and heal as required.
  • Poison Heart – A Stack Marker will be given to a random player. To avert potentially deadly harm, the Group must disclose this information.
  • Unholy Water – The monster spawns six watery orbs that float around the arena’s perimeter. Players will get “Fetters,” “Water Resistance Down,” and “Fire Resistance Up” after colliding with an orb. Aether Siphon was used to avoid.
  • Aether Siphon: The Boss will absorb aether from the arena’s flames or water. This is the Aether Spray that will be thrown next.
  • Aether Spray (Fire) – This AOE adds a massive burn debuff to the whole room. Can be avoided by entering a watery sphere at the arena’s edge before the spell ends.
  • Aether Spray (Water) — A knockback AOE that covers the whole room. Avoid being knocked into the watery orbs and walls by moving to the center of the arena. Can employ a skill that prevents knockback.


The defeated Blasphemy of Vanaspati / FFXIVAll Rights Reserved by SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD.



Svarbhanu’s blasphemy

  • The boundaries of the arena will be blanketed in a persistent AOE 20 seconds after the combat begins. This gives you a bleeding debuff that you can’t remove.
  • Gnashing of Teeth – A Tankbuster, use as required to reduce damage.
  • Flames of Decay — A room-wide AOE that may be used to reduce and repair damage.
  • The space will be split into four areas for Aetherial Disruption. Each one will be red or blue. The opposing color will then be protected by a red circle or a blue triangle.
  • Most Aetherial Disruption spells are followed by Crumbling Sky. AOEs will be used to target players, or a knockback from center will be used. To avoid causing harm to the wall or overlapping it, adjust your position appropriately.

Svarbhanu will then flee to the edge of the arena and become untargetable, following this pattern.

Towards this moment, they’ll launch three enormous meteors at the arena.

The safe zones for the meteors follow the ground’s columns.

Small AOEs will also emerge within the arena during this mechanism, making other locations dangerous.

To prevent being hurt, look for an empty column that doesn’t have an AOE in it.

After that, the monster will just repeat their strikes until they are defeated.

The coffer will then (hopefully) release your Hippo Calf Minion.

Best of luck with your endeavors!

The “ffxiv ambystoma minion” is a rare creature that can be found in the game FFXIV. This guide will teach you how to find and capture one of these creatures.

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