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Nettle is a leaf that has been used for centuries, but even today it’s not easy to get your hands on this popular tea. OSRS players can now opt-in and out of the game without losing any progress by setting up an account with Nettle Tea! This guide will show you how to find nettle in different areas of Runescape.

The “nettle tea osrs” is a common question that many players have been asking. In order to get nettle tea in OSRS, you need to go to the alchemist’s shop and buy it from him.

To make nettle tea, first gather nettles and place them in a basin of water. This will produce nettle-water, which may then be used to make Nettle Tea.

Because nettle tea isn’t available for purchase, you’ll have to prepare it yourself.

To create the tea, you’ll need at least Level 20 Cooking.

Nettles are a members-only item, therefore F2P (Free to Play) accounts will be unable to get them.


Step 1: Collect nettles

Nettles may be discovered in a variety of locations around RuneScape, but you’ll need gloves first. If you attempt to pick nettles without gloves, you will injure yourself – and, more importantly, you will not obtain any nettles!


Green hit splat by Nettles (this doesn’t inflict poison) / OSRS


Except for the Beekeeper’s Gloves from the beekeeper random event, almost any pair of gloves will suffice.

There’s a good possibility you already have some gloves, but if not, leather gloves are simple to get by.

Edgeville is one of the best places to get gloves and pick nettles. It has a leather glove spawn right next to the bank, and the nettles that grow there are just 33 steps from the bank booth.


Everything you'll need to brew Nettle Tea may be found in Edgeville. / OSRSEverything you’ll need to brew Nettle Tea may be found in Edgeville.


If you don’t want to collect nettles in Edgeville, the maps below indicate all of the places where you can acquire them.


Locations of Nettles on Gielinor’s Mainland


Locations of Nettles on Gielinor's Mainland / OSRSLocations of Nettles on Gielinor’s Mainland


Locations of Nettles in Great Kourend


Locations of Nettles in Great Kourend / OSRSLocations of Nettles in Great Kourend


Go to any place where nettles are growing and click on the plant to obtain some while wearing gloves.

Picking nettles requires no skill, and you may take as many as you want since they respawn quicker than you can pick them.


Step 2: Getting the Bowl Ready

After you’ve gathered the nettles, you’ll need a bowl to prepare the tea in.

While you can create your own bowl, it’s quicker and simpler to get one from an item spawn or purchase one from most basic shops.

Fortunately, there is a general shop in Edgeville that offers bowls for 5 gold apiece. It’s in Edgeville’s northwest corner, shown by the pot symbol on the map.


The store restocks a new bowl every 30 seconds. / OSRS


To prepare the tea, you’ll need water in your bowl, so take it to any nearby water source (except wells). On the map, search for the water drop icon to locate water sources.

Edgeville has our back once again.

A sink and a stove may be found in the home immediately south of the general store. Fill the bowl with water by clicking on it, then on the water source.


All of the bowls in your inventory will be immediately filled with water. / OSRSAll of the bowls in your inventory will be immediately filled with water.


Warning: Do not skip a step by heating the water before placing the nettles in it! You’ll have to start again if you use a bowl of boiling water to make Nettle Tea.


Making the Nettle Tea (Step 3)

Select the nettles and place them in the bowl of water when you have nettles and a bowl of water in your inventory. This will result in nettle water.


Nettles are being selected from your inventory. / OSRSNettles are being selected from your inventory.


You may produce whatever many nettle-waters you like, even all of them at once. Then, using the nettle-water, spray any stove, range, or fire.

If you choose the nettle-water incorrectly, you can end up drinking it instead.


With a simple click, you may choose how many people to prepare for. / OSRSWith a simple click, you may choose how many people to prepare for.


You’ll be able to prepare Nettle Tea if you achieve the 20 Cooking prerequisite.

If you succeed, you will get the tea and 52 Cooking experience.

There’s a risk you’ll mess up the Nettle Tea and wind up with an empty bowl and no experience, as well as the nettles and water. If that’s the case, you’ll have to start again.

Having numerous bowls of water and extra nettles on hand is a smart idea just in case.

The better your Cooking skill, the more likely you are to prepare the tea successfully. You have a 55% chance of preparing the tea correctly at level 20 Cooking.

You will never fail to make Nettle Tea at level 54 Cooking.

While there is no difference between cooking Nettle Tea on a range or over an open fire, if you have enough favor, you may improve your odds of success by utilizing the Hosidius cooking ranges in Kourend.


Nettle Tea’s Benefits


Nettle tea is consumed by a character. / OSRSNettle tea is consumed by a character.


Here’s a quick rundown of how Nettle Tea is used:

  • It restores some run energy and heals minor amounts of health when ingested.
  • To prepare cosmetic versions, nettle tea may be put into a cup or blended with milk.
  • It’s a needed item for the Ghosts Ahoy quest, where you’ll be given a porcelain cup to pour Nettle Tea into by an Old Crone. She would also ask for milk to be added to it.
  • It’s also utilized in the Skippy and the Mogres miniquest, where you have to pour Nettle Tea on Skippy’s head to make him feel better.

The “bucket of slime osrs” is a type of monster that is found in the game Runescape. This monster can be killed to get a bucket of slime, which can then be used to make nettle tea.

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